The book Bad Blood by James Jones

The book Bad Blood by James Jones

The book Bad Blood by James Jones is an excellent book detailing the most important issues concerning Tuskegee study’s protocol. The book details several quotes that have been put forwards by many personalities who have been included in the story. These personalities have either directly or indirectly contributed to these quotes. These quotes have been quite informative and educative concerning the baseline target that the author wanted to bring forward. This has acted great in ensuring that the book becomes one of the most excellent in the light of Tuskegee Study protocol. The book greatly dwells in the field of medicine and public health (Jones, 37). It entails a lot of humanity issues alongside several questionable issues concerning human health. This is evident where human beings were willingly left to continue sustaining their diseases without treating them. This was in a bid to do research concerning untreated syphilis (Jones, 17).

It is of critical significance to note that some of the conditions detailed in the book touching on health issues are more of human pride. This follows that the treatment for the disease was not lacking, only that the doctors were proudly conducting their research. This was a bit controversial since those men could really affect other people with whom they had sexual intimacy. This follows that such diseases could spread easily. In addition, such diseases were really horrible. In the experiment, the other issues of critical importance to note is the fact that in the initial test pool, all the participants had treatment for syphilis (Jones, 31). Therefore, although the major focus was to research on untreated syphilis, the initial test only worked to stop further treatment of the same disease.

In this class, we have studied several issues touching on public health and medicine. Some of these include the emergent diseases as well as those diseases that have been there or a very long time. The studies have focused on the origin, spread, prevention and treatment of such diseases. The book, Bad Blood by James Jones relate a lot to the things we have learned in class. For instance, the part touching on the origin and spread of HIV/AIDS is clearly detailed in this book. The book points out they ways in which the dreaded disease known as HIV AIDS came about in a very systematic manner. In addition, it succinctly explains how the disease spread throughout the world. Moreover, the book sheds more light on the relationship between the disease and other sexually transmitted infections like syphilis. This forms the core of some of the topics we have dealt with in other classes in this institution.

This book can be termed seminal in the field of research ethics. This follows that the book is quite educative as well as informative with regards to ethical issues. It clearly depicts the issue of racist history in the medical research (Jones, 23). This may be of critical importance to researchers who would wish to know more concerning the nature of diseases in the earlier days with regards to racism. In addition, this book is quite good when it comes to the courses dealing on pharmacy law and ethics. However, it is quite prudent to note that the book has helped me learn a lot concerning the issue of health and ethics compared to what I initially knew about. In addition, I have come to understand how the concept of racism acted to shape up the field of medical research in earlier days (Jones, 24). The type of exploitation depicted in the book Bad Blood by James Jones is that of medical exploitation. This involves the inclusion of human beings in medical research, thus posing major risks to their health. This follows the poor medical health care in which such people are subjected as depicted in the book.

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