Stress Reduction Technique

Stress Reduction Technique

Stress can be termed as any chemical, physical and emotional factor causing mental or bodily unrest. There are many causes of emotional stress and tension and they affect different people at different levels. It is impossible to eliminate stress completely. However, stress should be well managed so that it can be reduced to levels that are not harmful to one’s mental and physical health. This paper discusses five stress management techniques applied and the technique that works best for me.

Exercising was the first stress reduction technique that I applied. I took a fifteen minutes run on Monday morning around the park. While exercising the body is involved in many activities thus reducing the chances of engaging the mind in mental thoughts. Exercise is a higher form of energy that reduces other negative energies in the body thus freeing the body and the mind from stress.

I applied the music technique on Tuesday after a long day of attending lectures and intensive and extensive reading. The heart rate and brain waves are affected by the type of music. If the music is loud then there is increased heart rate and alertness. If the music is slow and soft, then the heart rate decreases and puts one in a meditative state. Music brings a positive effect to the mind reducing the levels of stress.

I received my term paper on Wednesday and I had not performed as I expected. This increased my stress levels because of the disappointment I felt. I knew that time management would be the best way for me to reduce my stress levels. Setting goals at this time was an effective way to gain a positive attitude and the will to work even harder to score better grades. This required making a plan to ensure that I achieve the set goals.

On Thursday I decided to try journaling as a stress reduction strategy. Journaling is a way of documenting or keeping a diary that has a record of the daily activities. Using journaling as a form of stress reduction involves not only documenting the daily activities, but also writing about feeling and emotions that relate to a stressful event. This helps to release the negative energy associated with stressful events because it is more like sharing the problem with another person. Journaling is a way to clarify feelings and thoughts recreating the whole event and coming to term with it. It is also a good way of analyzing a problem so as to come up with a solution.

Breathing exercise is an ideal way of relieving stress and tension. They are easy, free and simple and release stress fast. They can be done by anyone going through a stressful situation. Taking long and deep breaths helps to reduce the heart rate allowing one to deal with a stressful situation more calmly. This form of stress reduction is the most common. While doing the breathing exercise, one is required to be sited or standing in a calm environment and in a relaxed position.

In conclusion, all the stress reduction techniques are very effective methods. However, these techniques work in various ways on different people. Exercise was the most effective technique used that effectively reduced my stress levels. In addition to reducing the stress levels, exercise has heath benefits. Exercise engages the whole body in various activities releasing negative energy and reducing activity of the brain therefore one is unlikely to think about stressful events while exercising.