Relationships between Opportunities and Strengths

1. To venture into bicycle take using high quality rating as a competitive advantage.

2. Using strong current asset base to fund operations into new markets.

3. Using strong brand equity as a marketing point in new markets.

4. To use our access to financial facilities support operations in new markets.

5. . To take advantage of market liberalization and globalization to venture into global markets.

6. . To take advantage of the prevailing free market economy to maintain competitive pricing more affordable to our customers in relation to our competitor’s prices.

Relationships between Opportunities and Weaknesses

1. To venture into the disabled bicycle markets to improve on low CSR rating

2. To make use of market liberalization to make our products more affordable.

3. To use cheap social media to enhance cheaper and faster marketing.

4. To use accessible loan facilities to raise more funds for long term assets.

Relationships between Threats and Strengths

1. Strive to increase market presence against strong competition by using our strong branding (, 2014).

2. Expanding low end market shares during the ongoing austerity though our relatively affordable prices.

3. Enhancing market share using our cash position to launch marketing and PR campaigns to increase awareness.

4. Minimizing loss of customers by setting up loyalty bonus program among the large current customer base

5. Using our cash position to start up innovation programs to address changing consumer habits.

6. To take advantage of our diverse bike models to spread market risks

Relationships between Threats and Weaknesses

1. Addressing high marketing costs by opting for more cost effective marketing approaches such as social media.

2. Making leaner our operations to reduce costs while minimizing customer dissatisfaction.

3. Address changing consumer habits in the racer market making cheaper but more innovative bike models.

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