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This layout shows the guidelines for construction of a hydraulic powered robot from wood. It outlines the requirements and the process of making the device.

Project Overview

This project study will focus on specifications of building a hydraulic powered robot arm from wood. The research questions to be tackled include the following: efficiency of the device in terms of performance, improvements needed to maximize its performance, and its advantage over hydraulics robots..

Project Scope.

Information on the project requires analysis of books with similar topics and information from the internet on the same topic. This will aid commencement and the accomplishment of the project.

Codes, Standards And Reference Documents

The standard to be used in constructing the device is internationally required standards of constructing similar designs.

Reference Documents

Documents referred to during this project include the following, a book by Singal (Hydraulic Machines) published in 2009 and information on the product from the internet.


The finished construction and processes in the construction of this device conform to the Legislations of the land. In no way do they contradict the laws of the land and, therefore, the whole project is legal.

System And Technical Requirements

This project has a number of requirements for it to be completed. The requirements vary depending on the number of the product to be constricted.

Scope Of Supply

The amount of supply requirements includes both man power also known as service requirement, hardware supplies.

Hardware requirements include, Plywood, 1″ bolts with hex nuts, Syringes, Plastic tubing, Film canister tops, Scotch or masking tape, Electrical tape, Sandpaper, Scissors, Hot glue gun with glue Sticks, Drill with drill bits, and Saw. Service supply includes a qualified specialist in hydraulic engineering and two aid workers.

Testing And Inspection

Outside specialists carry out tests to ensure the machine works effectively. They also check on the possible adjustments and changes needed.


All machines need proper handling and, therefore, the provision of training on how to handle the machine is undertaken. Those handling this device undergo training on ways of handling and operating the machine properly. This is necessary since it maximizes the machine`s performance and reduces accidents which may occur from poor handling of the machine.

Spare Parts

All spare parts of the machine such as wood, switches, hydraulic tubes, nails, and handles, are locally available in hardware stores. This makes the maintenance of the machine cheap and fast since repair and replacement of the spoilt parts can be replaced locally.

Vendor Documentation

The parties in this contract are the buyer and vendor. The vendor provides the product which the customer or buyer pays for according to the stipulated price requirements. Goods once bought cannot be returned to the vendor unless its concurs with the following terms: if it has an insurance cover with the production firm and if the warranty period has not expired in which the device can only be exchanged with another of its type. Product delivery is upon completion of its price only. The price for each machine is 50 US Dollars. The contract becomes illegal if any part of its agreement terms contradict the legal laws in place.


If the machine develops any technical itch within the first six of purchase the company takes care of the repair cost.,

Packing and Transport

The production company takes care of packaging cost while upon purchase of the product, the buyer takes care of the transportation cost.

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