Sociology Group Presentation Guidelines

Sociology: Group Presentation Guidelines

Can be PowerPoint, Video….etc. Presentations should be 10 to 20 min long. The presentation should be focused, organized, and interesting with multiple visual aids. This is not to just be a reading of reports.

Group will lead the class in discussing the topic and findings of the material.

Groups are welcome (and encouraged) to use the technology in the classroom or somehow be creative in discussing your topic.

Each of your in-class presentations counts for 25% of your final grade. 

Each Group presentation is responsible for:

Presenting a summary of the content, core concepts of material related to the chosen topic;

Engaging the class in discussion and/or some form of interaction relative to the topic material;

Making connections between your presentation and other class concepts/readings;

Employing creativity in the presentation style; and

Meeting with me at least a week in advance to discuss plans for your presentation.

My evaluation of your presentation will focus on:

The facilitation of the topic material will be evaluated on the substantive content (75%) and the presentation form (25%).

Content (75%): Substantive information provided, linkages to class concepts, cogent analysis

Form (25%): Presentation style, creativity, organization, and class engagement

Sociology project ideas:

Media: violence, agent of socialization, gender or race bias

Impact of technology on society

Sociology of religion: relationship between social status and religious groups, emergence of religious sects

Role of the military in modern society

Adolescence-communication, gender differences, how subgroups/cliques form

Adolescence and dating behavior

Conformity/peer pressure

Deviance: homeless, drugs, sexual

Criminal justice system

Corrections system


Effectiveness of welfare system

Merton, Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max Weber, Levinson, Frieze, Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer

Class conflict-bourgeoisie v. proletariat (haves v. have-nots)

Race, ethnicity, and social structure

Gender roles/expectation in society

Websites with possible topics ideas:

American Sociological Association


SocioWeb possible topics


List of Sociology journals


List of social issues and possible topics


Contra Costa Community College-topic ideas


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