Sociology According to Karl Marl






According to Karl Marl, the lowly paid and low class workers (the proletariat), in the society were deemed to realize their misfortune as it originated from the capitalists and subsequently rise up against all odds to overthrow the inherent oppressors. The comprehension of these terms exposed a state referred to class consciousness. After understanding of his lowly class the workers are hence compelled to undertake reversion of the society and establishment of a socialism structure. The topics are close to the subjective dimension as (the proletariat) is notable to derive from the epi-centre of society. The position of the workers in is considerably notable as victims of the bourgeoisie. Marx reiterates that workers are likely to develop a class conscious feeling and emotion in countering the intention of the rich in the society.

The eminent contradiction between the workers and the capitalist would eventually emanate from the perpetual contradiction regarding to the production relations and subsequent rewards availed to every segment of industry. The significant division of labor is acknowledged as the private ownership of the entire working property by the capitalists disregarding the (the proletariat). The concept of alienation acknowledged in the production process revolves around the facilitating the neglect of the worker from contemporary production of labor. Further, the challenge leads to the worker being expelled from the whole process of production and eventual expulsion from humanity. In most cases, the class consciousness case creates challenging scenario between the workers as typically the consolidated sharing of class is daunting. An exposure of the consequential share class is formation of the trade unions which were established to fend for workers exploitation . According Marx, social wellbeing of men has much more effects on determining their being than consciousness.