Social Worker and Learning Theory

Social Worker






I draw my confidence from my outstanding physical trait. Physically, I stand at 5’1″ and mass of 40kg. I have light but thin eyebrows, and they have curly lashes that make me more unique than the rest of the family members. My face is oval shaped which is ideal for my body proportion. People living around me admire my soft, dark hair. My small mouth is surrounded by bow pinky lips. I have perfect white, alabaster teeth which have been admired by many. I have been successful in social aspects of life, and this has been facilitated by high level of intelligence. I have scarce but soft hair all over the body. My face is oval in shape, a feature that has boosted by body proportion. I pride myself for my long straight hair. Above all, am strong, energetic and healthy (Pavlina, 2008).

Naturally, I am motivated and enthusiastic in all that I do. I have keen desire to continually acquire more skills and knowledge that will boost success in all walks of life. Specifically, I aspire to acquire motivational and communications skills, especially negotiation and conflict resolution skills. Since I was young, I was loyal to my family members, teachers, friends and relatives. I am hardworking and trustworthy because I do understand the positive effects of relationships in any setting. I have independent mind and I can make independent decisions. I am calm and relaxed hence I do not get worked up easily. I loved associating and working with people of walks of life.

In social environment, I have relentlessly agitated for positive relations in an attempt to avoid conflicts. My curiosity and inquisitiveness have formed integral part of attainments in various aspects of life. For instance, I have had passion of exploring new things in the surrounding environment. I do believe that human life presents great opportunities for adventure hence need for more discoveries and exploration in order to solve numerous problems affecting human beings. I am compassionate to all people. For example, despite disparities in color, race, national and social background, I do not discriminate against any group or individual. For example, I have close friends of different origins such as Africans, Asians and Europeans and Americans. In the society, I have been recognized because of my caring nature and being a concern to other people. Despite numerous problems and sufferings, I have attained much expected of me by the society. I attribute my joviality to perseverance, persistent and consistency in what I do. I am resilient, and this has enabled me go through many hardships such as endurance in studies. I believe the people who stand firm and bold often succeed in all what they are doing. I am firm and bold enough when pursuing objectives of life. I attribute my positive social life to intellectual characteristics. I am less temperamental, and this feature has enabled me relate and work well with other people from diverse backgrounds and possessing different human characteristics. Despite the several personal qualities, I believe I posses some other weaknesses. I am kind of stubborn, most times. For example, I do not readily accept things for the sake of it but has to seek clarifications, what sometimes I do authoritatively without regard to humility.

I have had the passion of changing the lives of many people whom we live together and those I encounter in the course of my career path development i.e. in learning institutions. These ambitions are driven by the fact that I posses relevant qualities that can enabled me modify and revolutionize the way people live in the society.

For example, in family setting, I actively indulge myself in household work through complete participation in important household strategies and decisions that form integral part of our success as a family. I respect my parents as they are influential in my life, by assisting me to go through my studies and guiding me in career choice. Family members provide and care for me, thereby promoting my healthy growth. Within the surrounding, I value and treasure my neighbors. For example, I do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of social and cultural background, color or race but treat them equally following the notion that God created all human beings equal. My neighbors play important role in my daily life. For example, in times of difficulties, they are the first people whom I seek assistance from. Thereby, neighbors influence my emotional, social and physical development either directly or indirectly. In the larger society, I have played vital role in resolving post-war and other conflicts, community reconstruction following any acts of violence and aggression. I think God created me to serve the interests of all people despite disparities. I have a duty of maintaining peace and order in tense situations, and perhaps in resolving post-conflict sequelae in the society. I am obliged to offer constructive advice in order to shape the lives of many people in a manner that makes sense to them. The common adage “respect so that you can be respected” has played a vital role in my social life in the society and the world at large. For instance, I respect others and their suggestions, opinions and ideas so long they are positive. I truly believe that positive relationship forms the basis of success of all people around the world. I accommodate abilities i.e. strength and weakness of all members of the society. I understand the importance of the efforts and advice of others as they shape my life. I embrace the opinions of all. I have worked relentlessly to counter any kind of transgressions between men and women, by writing opinion articles in news papers and taking part in radio shows. I am obliged to advocate for recognition of all people despite gender disparity. I believe that gender roles and functions are eternal and unchangeable. Through peer groups, I have imparted valuable information in regard to the way people perceive and relate with one another in the society. Arguably, people should consider and view situations beyond the traditional gender roles in order to ensure positive development in the society and the country at large. I recognize and value truth as an integral part of my personal desires, and I have constantly directed my energy and efforts to ensure that people within me speak truth. I have been holding several peer meetings, and these have enabled me offer sufficient guidance and counseling to all upcoming deviants in the society. I have agitated for some concepts and values which would positively affect the positive image of every individual (Gregory & Tosey, 2001).

My religion is Christianity, and I like following or observing vital concepts, ideas and rules that form the basis of the religion. For example, on Sundays, I attend church services and testimonies. As an important event for all Christians, I do observe and respect Christmas in reference to birth of Jesus Christ. I have succeeded in various aspects of my life, and I attribute these successes to adherence to the common biblical adage that everything is possible with God. For example, before I embark in any activity, I do pray and ask God for guidance. I believe in One True God, therefore, I have distant myself from worshipping other gods. It is against God wishes and Christian beliefs to worship other gods other than the One True God. For example, in Mark 12:29, 30, the Bible teaches us that Lord our God is the only one that followers of Jesus Christ ought to love with all their hearts, soul, and mind and with their personal strength. I decry worshiping idols as the bible says that anyone who worships God shall inherit eternal life. From Bible sentiments, I truly believe that Jesus had the beginning but has no end (Pavlina, 2008).

Christian doctrines and common principles have helped shaped various aspects of my life. For instance, I am upright, and I attribute this to the fact that I respect and observe the wordings of the Bible. Doing evils things amount to sin, and this entails going against the holy will of God. God command that mankind should avoid evil deeds in order for them to go to heaven. In social avenues, I have maintained positive relations with people of all walks of life. This has been facilitated by unique communication skills, ability to embrace and accommodate diverse people’s ideas and relevant strength and weaknesses. Thanks to the word of Bible. Through various teachings, the Bible has helped me relate with others and appreciate qualities of all. I have relentlessly trusted in God, and I have constantly that he may help achieve my commitments throughout the course of my life. For example, every morning and evening, we do hold prayers with my family members. Sunday marks the spiritual peak as I regularly joint many other worshippers in the church buildings or sacred places for prayers. In spite of the fact that God did not command man to fast, I do fast occasionally to please God but not get glory from other human beings. Basically, Bible forms the basis of human success, a common adage of all Christians. Life is impossible without God. In social avenues of life, Bible has proved fundamental. In various verses of the holy book, the Bible offers important rules, regulations and concepts that ought to be embraced and utilized by man. In the modern society, people have opted to Bible as the basis of formulating laws and regulations. According to Christian religion, man and woman ought to be united through marriage. People united through marriage ought to love and respect one another. Divorce is a subject of sin people, that is, married must not separate till death separates them.

As Jesus affirmed, married couples ought to respect and be faithful to one another. According to Christianity, divorce is forbidden unless in cases of adultery.

I consider most of the cultural and spiritual beliefs to be important to my life. They have shaped my behavior in various ways. The common Biblical teachings that sin amounts to going against will and wishes of God have proliferated into various aspects of human relations. For example, at early stages of my personal development, I learned to respect all people. I managed to do with the help of those who tended to spread the word of God to the vast population of the world. I was taught that stealing, beating, abusing, cheating among other human vices cascade down to human sinning. I pledged to my God that I will never go against his teachings as revealed in the Bible. Socially, I have managed to maintain positive relations with people of diverse national and cultural backgrounds, people with different ideas and opinions. Basically, Christian religion has helped me relate and work with others well with no difficulties. I suppose that Christian culture has bolstered positive relationships and cooperation between people from different backgrounds. Biblical teachings foster cohesiveness and harmony between people in the society (Pavlina, 2008).

The Christian belief that committing sin involve going against the wishes and will of God is a source of strength in my life. This is due to the fact that the notion shapes my life and those of other believers in positive ways. This in turn influences one’s success in life. The belief that everything is possible in presence of mighty God has helped me persevere, persist and be consistent in all what I am doing. Over time, I have worked to accomplish all my stated goals and objectives despite numerous difficulties (Pavlina, 2008).

As social worker, I am forced to exert pressure in order to keep things going. In normal circumstances, it is not possible to incorporate ideas and opinions of everyone. Therefore, this forces me to disregard some people’s suggestions and propositions. From Christian context, this amounts to sin. Arguably, such issues conflicts with the principles and doctrines governing Christianity.


Social Worker and Learning Theory

Social learning theory is one of the influential theories of personal learning and development. Bandura believes that direct reinforcement contributes less to human development. At early stages of my development, I learn and imitate the behaviors of my parents, older relatives and people within the surrounding. I attribute my positive social behavioral characteristics to my parents who acted as good role models. . for example, I have emulated my father’s hard work , my mother’s loving nature and my aunt’s supportive attitude. According to Schriver (2010), parents who acted positively are likely to instill positive behaviors among the young ones and vice versa are true. Children would tend to behave the way their parents carry themselves in the family settings. Parental love and care has proved worthy in human development. For example, parents who display maximum love are likely to bring up children with positive behavioral qualities. External reinforcement has also influenced my learning and behavior. The intrinsic reinforcement normally occurs as a form of pride, satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. Internal personal thoughts and cognitions facilitate relationship between the learning theory and other developmental theories (Schultz & Sydney, 2008).

As a girl, I learned how to behave like a girl by observing the way other older boys behave. Since I was young, I learned to behave like other older girls. However, parents’ advice and corrections contributed to my current positive behaviors. My parents adopted reward and punishment system to modify my personal behavior (Schriver, 2010). For example, they would reward me with gifts when I pass exams.

Interactionist Theory

This theory is similar to the learning theory. It postulates that child development is affected by they way people relate with each other in the environment. The communication that parents engages in determine how a child will speak in his or her own language. Learning and behavior are influenced by both social and biological factors. These influences are often reflected in the way individual relate with others in future. For example, I learnt to speak my mother’s language because she used it most of the time. At age of one year, I developed the desire to communicate using the language that my parents used. As stated by integrationists, a child learns certain things by observing how people interact and relate with one another. This facilitates development of inside behavior amongst them. I attribute my current positive behavior to the positive relationships that was displayed by my parents. I emulated what they used to do, and this made me who I am today in the social environment (Schriver, 2010).

Summary of the theories

Basically, personal development occurs since inception and ends when an individual dies. As postulated by both theories, human development occurs in various stages of human life, and each stage has unique characteristics. The way people relate or act within the immediate environment influences the behavior of a child. It makes the person he or she will be in future. The skills, knowledge and virtues commonly acquired at childhood. For example, I am capable of relating with my family members and schoolmates because of positive relationships qualities that parents instilled in me. It is

beyond doubt that parent play a very important role in child development (Schultz & Sydney, 2008).

Life Examples related to the Theories

My parents are peace loving people who always strive to avoid confrontations. They are against violence and misunderstandings. At my childhood stage, I learned and imitate they way they relate with other and how they do things together. As I grew up, I developed a sense of being like my parents. As such I started imitating what they should do. I believe that I am polite, honest and understanding like my parents. As postulated by the learning theory, what happens in the immediate environment during early childhood stage greatly influenced the person I am. However, the theory does not explicitly revealed the extent to which these factors influence individual during adulthood stage.

I speak good English simply because my parents used this language so much. However, the external environment has taught me many things and languages inclusive. For example, I can speak Bulgarian and some prominent Russian and Polish Languages. I attribute this to positive interactions and relations with people of diverse languages both in the society and in the learning setting


Personal development is process that takes place from the time a person is born till death. This process is commonly influenced by social, political, religious and economical factors. It encompasses improving self-awareness, developing one’s identity, building strengths and talents and fulfilling inspirations and aspirations. In most cases, the environment within which an individual grows has great influence on personal development. As revealed by the various theories, personal development occurs in stages during growth. Notably, the environment where a child is brought up influence the type of a person one will be.


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