Draft Paper

Draft Paper


Please submit your draft of your final paper here. The draft should include an APA style title page, an abstract, a reasonably detailed introduction, a specific and replicable method section, and references (at least 10 peer-reviewed).

The method section will include three sections:

Participants, Measures, and Procedure. If proposing survey research, you must select reliable/valid measures and these measures must be attached to your submission.

Have a clear understanding of how you’d go about studying the hypothesis you’ve proposed. This will involve addressing, at minimum, three key elements of methodology: the participants you plan to recruit, the measures you plan to use to study the variables of interest, and the procedure by which you will collect your data. If you are proposing to carry out a survey, you will need to select measures that are both reliable and valid and attach them as an appendix to your final proposal. If you are proposing to run an experiment you will need to include a detailed protocol.

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