The Dubai World Cup Tourism Case Study

Dubai World Cup Case Study



Dubai World Cup Case Study


The Dubai World Cup is noted to be one of the world horse race series in the world. Its from sports tourism that this sport is able to be hosted and supported in Dubai. This sport tourism activity is undertaken each year since 1996. It always takes place at Meydan Racecourse (Jackson & Haigh, 2008). According to the Arabic translation Meydan is a place where people meet or congregate in order to ensure that they solve issues as well as share out problems in the society especially, this is cultural practice in the United Arab Emirates. This activity is a sports tourism race that is operated under the management of the Emirates Racing Authority. It is a tourism activity that is done with utmost hospitality amid the people. During the event many people from different regions, countries, race and culture converge to the place to share fun as they watch the races (Fairservice, 2002). Others take part as sports men and women. The Dubai World cup is truly a tourism attraction center for the people as well as others. The race consists of nine races which comprises of 8 Thoroughbred and only one Purebred Arabian contest.

This sport tourism activity is one of UAE’s cultural activity that has taken place for many years now. The ideals of the practice is now celebrated in the country as one of the sports tourism attraction center or activity. It is worth to consider that there are various issues that underlays the success and constancy of this sports tourism in UAE and especially in Dubai. First, the emirate is one of the most visited places in the world based on International Tourism board statistics. Secondly, Dubai is noted to be one of the places in the world noted of best hospitality when it comes to sport tourism; the people of Dubai offer a conducive environment for such an event to take place hence they give a chance to the World Cup to gain attributes hence calling for more and more people to visit the place as previously was. For example, in 1996 there were only 560,000 people were attended the opening of Dubai World Cup (Jackson & Haigh, 2008). But currently, the Emirate, Hosts many people; in 2014 there were more than 2 million people who visited the place during this sport event. On a tourism perspective, it is one of the sports in UAE and well as the gulf that hosts more people.

It is imperative to state that the development of Dubai World Cup in the 90s will remain to a dream in the UAE when it comes to sport tourism spheres. This sport tourism has various advantages to the people and the country. To the people of UAE it place them on the employment platform. The people are always able to learn the culture of the other visiting people and also share the cultural experience. To the country this sport tourism activity is a revenue earner to the nation (Jackson & Haigh, 2008). In addition, it’s a sport tourism strategic spot to other sport tourism ventures.

It is also worth to consider that sport tourism is one of the key areas in the economy of UAE that benefits with this sport on board. Most of the people or the tourist who visit this world cup are from other countries especially in Europe and South America. However, sportsmen from all over the world visit Dubai during this occasion that takes place annually. Sport tourism is one of the key sectors of UAE economy that generates a lot of revenue for the country. Over the years, the sports tourism has been on the forefront to ensure that it ensures that the country is able to support Dubai World Cup.

Dubai world cup is a sport that attracts large crowds of people from all over the world. The people are able to enjoy Dubai’s precious places and hotels all the in the name of Sports Tourism. Last year the sports minister noted that there are various concerns that the sport will be done in parts across UAE to ensure that this peace of sports tourism is shared amid all the other emirates. Sport tourism is the sponsor of Dubai World Cup. The ministry is up for grabs to ensure that more visitors visit the places from time to time.


I consider that Dubai World Cup is one of the sport tourism in the country that not only supports other tourism sectors but also supports the people and the country at large. Thanks to the sport tourism board which ensures that the sports occasion is always a success in the country.


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