The discussion will focus on the differences that were there between the public and the private theater

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The theater was constructed with an aim of entertaining the audience while making profit at the same time. The plays were initially biblical in nature but with time they were overtaken by the secular ones so as to accommodate more people who were especially not religious.


The discussion will focus on the differences that were there between the public and the private theater. One of the main differences is in the capacity of the people that each could hold. It is said that the public theater could hold around 3000 audience in each performance. This was great in the sense that it encouraged many people to attend the plays since there were enough seats for all of them. On the other hand, the private theater held a capacity of 800 audiences per performance which is way below that in public.

The other difference was in the construction with the private having the protection roof. This ensured that people were safe from adverse whether conditions such as rain, strong sunshine and wind. It also ensured that plays took place in all seasons. On the contrary, the public theater had no constructed roof and this exposed the audience to dangers of bad whether.

Due to the overcrowding in the public theaters, it is said that there were higher chances of audience contracting the bubonic plague (Blayney 383).It is a kind of plague caused by rat flea that affected the lymphatic system. It could also have been attributed to the fact that the theater was not very hygiene. On the other hand, the private ones were maintained high level of cleanness preventing any dangers of infections, bearing in mind that the place was not so crowded.

Finally, the private theaters were a bit expensive as compared to the public ones. This meant that only certain noble people could afford while the general public who could not afford the pay, attended the public. People could also be served with tea and other foodstuffs in the private theaters as it was easily manageable.


The private theaters were better than the public ones in the sense that they had mbetter services, were more hygiene and this prevented chances of infection. On the contrary, the public theaters were easily accessible since the tickets were cheaper and could also accommodate many people.


Peter W. M. Blayney, “The Publication of Playbooks,” in: A New History of Early English Drama, John D. Cox and David Scott Kastan, eds.; New York, Columbia University Press, 1997; pp. 383-422.

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