The determination of the prevalence, causes and effects of obesity in America.

Obesity in America


The research aims at the determination of the prevalence, causes and effects of obesity in America.

Claims of the thesis and the reasons for the claims

Among some of the claims to the prevalence of the problem in most of the households in the country is mainly dependent on the lifestyle and food choices of individuals. Various studies identify the fact that there is a correlation between lack of and minimal physical activities among the Americans with the prevalence of obesity in the region. For instance, sedentary lifestyles have an influence on the prevalence of the disease since the individuals do not use energy in performing physical activities, which is then stored in the body as fats, leading to obesity. The other claim is that obesity has an impact on the social position of an obese individual as well as economic position of the country. For instance, an obese individual might lack social acceptance, which has a psychological effect on the person. On the other hand, obesity affects the production of an individual, whose compound effects might affect the economy of the nation.

Grounds for the study

The study is necessary for providing data on the prevalence and causes of the problem among the population in America, after which it would be possible to come up with recommendations that are necessary for providing assistance to reduce the problem. The recommendations are necessary for encouraging further research, which is necessary for ensuring that further assistance for the alleviation of the problem is achievable.


It is necessary to indicate that the prevalence of obesity in the American society is a huge problem that has a negative effect on the societal economic status as well as the psychological status of the victims and their families. This makes it necessary to come up with ways for alleviating the problem, which is not only beneficial for the obese individual, but it would also be beneficial for the American society.


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