The concept of the movie clip is a reproduction process in wild animals




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The concept of the movie clip is a reproduction process in wild animals. Reproduction involves male and female. Males have multiple sperms and female have quality egg. The sperms and egg have genes that interact during the fusion process of sperms and egg. Sex is precious and wild animals and is for reproduction. Rhinos fight almost to death in the search of female mate. Among the lions females takes risks whereas the male is the ultimate sacrifice. Sex cannot take place if the female is unwilling. The males have to use cunning and seductive methods of winning the female for reproduction. On the other hand, females are very choosy on their mates. For example, female spiders will only accept mating from a male spider with long and hairy tassels. Terrestrial female reptiles choose mate according to colour, strength, location and size of the male.

The strong male lion is the ultimate winner of a potential female lion. The male lion offers protection on the female and its cubs. Flatworms are examples of hermaphrodite among the wild animals. The flatworms have both sexes but need another partner to act as male in order to transfer the genes and propel growth of generation. Gecko is an example of an animal that does not need male for reproduction. Gecko produces perfect clones from its eggs. The disadvantage of self-cloning is production and propagation of undesirable genes in the entire population. The importance of sexual reproduction is to enhance genetic variation. Sexual reproduction allows shuffling of genes and leads to the production of offspring resistant to diseases. In addition, sexual reproduction enhances the propagation of desirable genes on subsequent generations. New life is born every minute combined with favourable genes for survival.