The concept Clinical social work practice

The concept Clinical social work practice refers to the provision of mental as well as related health services for evaluation, treatment as well as the avoidance and prevention of emotional and mental disorders in individuals, groups and families based on the existing theory and knowledge of theoretical structures that are professionally accepted. However this includes and is not limited to interpersonal relationships, environmental stress, psychosocial development, behavior, psychopathology as well as unconscious motivation. In the agency however, the concept description is not different from the latter since the organizational description has a similar end objective as the latter. It also addresses similar groups of people in the society.

The concept Direct social work practice simply constitutes the one on one or personal contact with individuals at micro level. Usually, this type of practice is identified as dealing and working with people directly at group, individual as well as family level. It is an eclectic process anchored on problem solving approach as well as promotion of economic and social justice. It aims to improve the quality of lives for the oppressed as well as the vulnerable in the community. However, more often than not, the practitioners of this concept tend to look beyond the micro level as they also intervene to the meso and macro challenges.

Conventionally, assessments have the end objectives of prescribing panacea to existing problems. Consequently, the assessment of mental health needs has a number of objectives among others. It helps identify the state of mental health through application of the concept clinical practice. It also helps to determine cases that require urgent intervention. It may also identify and prescribe psycholological guidance and counseling. Therefore, the assessment process is core in social since overlooking the process may result to unexpected outcomes in the society.

The concepts clinical and direct practice are intertwined in the sense that in a way the clinical practice is in built in direct practice. In support of this argument is that, the practitioners of direct practice do end up encountering mental related instances in the course of their day to day practice of social work. Consequently, when it comes to matters of the dominant practice, it is with evident that indeed direct practice is in a way “superior” the clinical practice of social work.

No. Instead, all practice should be considered direct. In support of this argument, the practitioners of direct practice in their day to day activities end up meeting mental cases since their practice constitutes personal contact at micro, meso and macro levels of society.

For an elderly person, a social worker will perform the role of a consultant, here he will advice the family members on the required care as well as will work with the family to reduce the chances of readmission and relapse to hospital.

Advocate the needs of the children in kinship families in the grant. A social worker will play the following roles in assisting a truant child. The social worker will help improve the relationship skills of the child probably with teachers, fellow students and parents as well. The social worker should help improve how the child feels about himself, that is the self esteem. The social worker also may work with the family to develop good parenting skills.

In this case, a social worker may play the role of advocacy. They may also play the role of case managers where they will help the parties concerned get government benefits of food and social security. They may also play the role of counselors for the mentally disabled.

Being a member of the field agency it is important to participate in individual or group counselling as well as an advocate to the agency’s clients.

As a Team member one needs to function within the team’s role and deliver services as well as supervise the implementation of services

Social workers may help improve lives of people living with disabilities in one of or the following ways. They may provide them with benefit information and how they should go about receiving these benefits. They may also provide them with information on civil rights on matters of housing, education as well as employment. This will accord this category of people with fair treatment in society.

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