The common application

The common application

The gratification I feel when I am in public parks can not be equated to any other feeling I have ever felt. Parks are magical, and there is a way they charm me. I find parks fascinating, breathe taking, inspirational and relaxing. Since no other place has ever given me satisfaction similar to what I get in parks, I believe I am perfectly contented when am in parks.

I love nature, and parks are the only closest thing to nature I can find in urban centers. The design of public parks captures many element of the environment. They have beautiful flowers grass lawns and trees. Creators of the parks plant specific trees the trees provide a good shade against midday sun. The tree creates a microclimate characterized by cool afternoon breezes. The trees also guard against strong winds. The planting of the trees ensures there is adequate lighting in parks since they are not as congested as it is the case in forests. In the evenings parks provide a wonderful place to watch the sunset and at night, they become perfect spots for stargazing.

The beauty of parks is not the only thing that attracts me to them. I have fond memories of parks and my personal values too influence my relationship with parks. When I was a child, I frequented parks with my parents and siblings during weekends and holidays. In fact, this became our tradition. We went to parks to relax, have fun and bond. Sometimes we met other families that we knew in these parks, and we engaged in all kind of fun and interesting activities. During these activities, I not only bonded with my family members, family friends and other people we encountered in the parks, I also developed a strong bond with the parks. Other than fun, I have had serious life shaping talks with my parents in parks on various occasions that influenced my choices and shaped me into what I am today. All this activities made me develop strong sentiments for parks

I believe that my personality has a close connection with nature and open spaces. I also love the sense of freedom. Nature gives me a sense of freedom and spurs my imagination. I am at my best when I free and able to calmly meditates over issues, as well as, imagine new ideas and try to create them into realities within my mind before attempting the later. I am very imaginative. I find doing this in the confines of the house uninteresting. However, in parks, especially in the cool afternoons and evenings, I find it easy to think over issues and come to proper conclusions. Making choices is similar to solving intrapersonal conflicts. As humans, we encounter numerous conflicting choices, and we always need to make quick cost benefit analysis of each choice before settling on one. Personally, I always take as much time as possible while making life defining choices. At such times, I always visit parks that are a distant away from urban centers to avoid the interruptions of the noisy cities where I can relax and calmly think about the issues at hand. I am an introverted thinking personality with extraverted intuition. I always focus internally while logically and rationally thinking about my ideas and issues. I believe everything in the world represents possibilities and patterns that have logical connections. I have natured my ability to meditate find the connections and make amicable choices while in a park.

It is the ability of parks to bring out the best in me that consistently attracts me to them. I believe that this has close ties with the experiences I had in the parks while growing up. It is also a product of the experiences I have had letter in life. I am glad to have such beautiful places act as sanctuaries to me.

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