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The Chronicle of Higher Education

Lawrence Biemiller’s article, wrote in 2009, provided ideas on astrophysics and astronomy. The article focuses on ideas that academic minded people would appreciate. The audience targeted by the article is mostly astronomers and astrophysicists mostly located in Caltech, a successful university found in California. The specific location is Pasadena. The details of the article entail architecture, considered different and unique. This architecture makes the new Cahill center for astronomy different and unique in comparison to other centers for astronomy and astrophysics.

The article targets several audiences. However, prospective students should be the audience Biemiller targets. These students are most likely to benefit most from the structure than any other group. The university hosts a wide number of students who each benefit from the building. The architecture of complex ensures that all aspects as required by the lecturers and students meet the required standards. The following adjustments will make the article more suitable for the audience.

First, the writer has to introduce the writing with a question, most likely to grab the attention of the audience. For prospective students it is easy to relate with material brought out in the writing. Biemiller describes the building in a manner that builds the image in the mind of the audience. He states that the building shows similarity to the awesomeness of the night sky.

Biemiller’s writing is appropriate to the new target group that he is addressing. The matter he discusses is relevant to the audience as they are students hoping to join that university. He explains how the building captures some required aspects among the prospective students. This is when he explains how the coffeepots and mailboxes are located in a manner to encourage interaction between people. He should then use diagrams to capture the new audience rather than basic description. These strategic location are important because the facilitate socialization of people.

Biemiller’s description on all the details incorporated in the unique architecture, and how these features have a positive impact on the people living there requires alteration to capture the new audience. The top two floors put aside for lecturers and graduate students provide adequate space for them. There is a hallway open to passersby. The intention here is to allow students to learn as they pass by. There are rooms used for lab testing built in a manner that they receive light from both the front and back. The exception is areas whereby students require complete darkness. Each lab is located in the most suitable place. Those that require protection from vibration and electromagnetic interference are located at one end of the room.

There are various techniques that if applied would make the article more appealing to the mentioned crowd. As per the audience, one of these techniques is the use of diagrams. Apart from the descriptions that Biemiller gives, images of the various spectacular features he discusses will add relevance to the article. Proper captions also enhance the quality of the article. Captions should contain information that will lure the perspective students to read the article. The title is the first thing that the prospective students will see. The title should be attractive and descriptive of the material in the article. Biemiller should apply alliteration to make the title more attractive. The first part of the article, known as the lead, should include a hint of the content, while hiding full information to invoke curiosity. The article is more attractive to the audience if it straightforward and simple.


The article is appropriate and standard. Biemiller covers all necessary aspects of the architecture. He brings put the uniqueness of the building. He also explains the reasoning behind the choices that the architects made. Explanation of the purpose of the various features helps the audience understand the whole concept. Biemiller finally shows how the building’s design is in a manner to facilitate environmental conservation. The original audience that the article was intended for would gain information from the article, however the new audience, are a better audience for the article. Prospective students will gain necessary information from the article. The changes suggested will adjust the article to better suit the new audience.

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