The Chance I Took, Application Essay

The Chance I Took, Application Essay

In life, there are decisions that we make without knowing the impact that it will have on our lives. When my parents sought to know whether I had any interest in joining an American University, I did not hesitate in my response. At that time, my reasons of wanting to join an American university were not for my personal development, but rather for adventure. I admit that at that time, I was naïve and lacked proper exposure to the outside world. This is because of the impact that this decision had on my life. 8 months after my decision, I was on an airplane headed for the United States of America as an international student, and my life changed tremendously.

Prior to coming to the United States, I spent my life in Korea. Life in Korea was perfect and there were little if any shortcomings. My parents loved me and always ensured that I feel loved and a special person to them. I spent most of my days at school and after a busy day, I would relax and allow all the happenings to settle down. On the other hand, school was not strenuous and I had many friends. Most of my friends were individuals with whom we grew up together, which had the meaning that we understood each other. My life was easygoing and in most cases I became the center of attention wither at home or school. This had the meaning that I did not have to work hard in order to attain things in my life. Unfortunately, I took everything for granted and was ungrateful.

My easygoing life in Korea was having an effect on me. I was full of conceit and arrogant and had little compassion for others. At school, my easygoing life at school had the meaning that I was not working hard. This led to low GPA because I spent a large portion of my day with my friends with little concerns about my grades. Unknown to me, my parents were becoming concerned with my character and wanted to improve my life. After consultations and considerations, my parents concluded that I should leave the country and join high school as an international student. At that time, I was also worried about my time wastage and I needed to have a fresh start. However, when my parents told me about their plans the reasons I accepted was not because of improving my grades, but because it sounded exotic to me that I would be studying in the United States of America.

When I boarded the plane there were various issues that I was not aware. The most important fact that I was not aware of was the fact that a single flight across an Ocean would change my entire life. On arrival, I did realize that my expectations were a bit high. Notably, my expectations were unrealistic, which led to loneliness, frustration, and vulnerability. It was not until then that I did realize that my language was poor and required polishing. I would sit in my classroom for the entire day without uttering or understanding a word. I could not communicate with either my peers or my teachers. Even more frustrating was the fact that I could not read my textbooks hence I was not reading at all. Colorado is a state that has lots of nature and leisure, but it was compatible with me, and it culture alienated me from its society. Away from my home, I was feeling confused and disappointed.

Despite the frustrations and disappointments that I was experiencing while in the United States, I did make the decision of not giving up. One of the reasons was the fact that I did not want to disappoint my parents but the most important reason was the fact that I did not want to have regrets in my life. Despite having an easygoing life, I was always reluctant to give up on anything. Given that I had lots of time, I made the decision to try to make the situation better. For the first time in life, I was going to do something for the betterment of my life independently. Eventually, I did put some efforts into trying to adapt into my new environment. I was proud of myself when I began to slowly understand my teachers and communicate with my peers. Soon, I did built my own identity and was able to handle situations independently without depending on my parents. It was a new beginning.

When I came to the United States of America, I was met with disappointment and frustrations. Given my easygoing life, I would have returned to Korea and continue living a simple life. However, I made the decision to fight back and create a newer Identity. I did succeed and for the first time I was able to work hard to attain my success. However, this was not the last and in future I will continue working for the betterment of my life.

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