The Challenges Facing the Young Generation of Today

The Challenges Facing the Young Generation of Today

The purpose of this speech is to bring out the argument that the young people of today are faced with numerous challenges. They endure more challenges that ones that were faced by the older generation. The speech will cover some problems that are unique to the young people of today and were not previously experienced by their predecessors.

Every stage of life comes with numerous challenges. Despite the fact that most problems are universal, some challenges may be unique to particular people, communities, or areas. The young people of today claim that the challenges they endure today are much severe than those encountered by their predecessors. This claim is valid to some extent owing to the increased challenges brought about by modernization.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we are all gathered here to attest to some of the problems facing the young generation of today. The question that I would like to ask all the people present here today is whether being young is a crime. The reason for posing this peculiar question is because the young generation claims to be undergoing overwhelming challenges than the older generation. Some of the arguments are justified, but some cannot hold any water. Some of the most pressing issues that affect the young generation today include religion, immigration, and civilization. I will address the issues in a systematic manner.


The first major issue that proves challenging to the youth today is religion. Religious differences confuse and divide the youth today than was previously the case. Previously, certain religions existed in certain areas and as a result, the young generation of the past grew up in their own religious cocoons. The young people of today are compelled to live together and tolerate religious diversity. The result of this integration is more visible than in the past, as more young people are getting married to people from different religions


The search for jobs has forced many parents to look for employment outside their own countries. As a result, many young people have been forced to hop from one plane to another every time their parents move. Despite all that movement, the young people have to adjust in every country and keep abreast with their studies. It is now common in the contemporary world to find a young person who has attended different schools in different countries and perform well academically despite having to move from school to school.


Civilization entails the changes brought about y technology and modernization for the benefit of man. However, some people believe that it brings changes that erode traditions. In the past, the young women in countries such as Iraq were not allowed to work and all the available work were taken up by men. Things have changed in the modern world as young and educated women have taken task of proving that they are just as capable of doing perfect jobs as the men. Such a case has forced the young women to work twice as hard to gain employment and succeed in their positions.


I urge all to appreciate and acknowledge that the young people of today are faced with unique problems that were not hitherto experienced. As earlier stated, these problems are derived from religion, immigration, and civilization. Finally, I call upon the old generation to appreciate that the young people today are facing numerous challenges than they ever did themselves. Thank you very much.

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