The Case of Chris Cunningham2

The Case of Chris Cunningham2




1) What are the key human resource issues that you see in the case?

Stover Industries suffered a problem on employee functions. Introduction of Chris to the organization resulted into a lot of issues. There was a lack of co-operation among the sales people since Chris could take all orders leading to problems in the production, engineers, and purchasing department. In the presence of all these issues, the human resource department made assumptions on Chris’s case. The department failed to hire the right sales representative who could develop a good relationship with other representatives. Moreover, the organization failed to hire the right person for the sales position as the Stover made the selection on the basis of their college friendship with Chris Cunningham. For example, Missouri Oral Health institution employees recorded low performance due to lack management training in dental school that left some dentists unprepared how to cooperate with their colleagues (Gopal, 2011).

2) What human resource options should Elizabeth consider for responding to each of

the issues?

Human resource is responsible for the behaviors of employees in an organization. Elizabeth should develop and implement a human resource philosophy that all employees should adopt. Secondly, she should hire the right people to head the sales department. Thirdly, Elizabeth should ensure co-operation among employees through offering training and organization development events. The final option involves restructuring the job description of each employee and department to avoid issues like those of Chris undertaking other employee’s orders and delivering them (Bolman, 1997). For example, the management at Missouri Oral Health took a step of improving communication among employees to increase their cooperation in the institution (Gopal, 2011).

3) From the perspective of the Human Resource frame, what do you recommend that she do to solve the issues and lead her company going forward?

In dealing with employee function issues, the organization needs to hire individuals who posses different skills and experience, and willing to take away their pride in order to create good work relationship (Ingram, 2012). Elizabeth should ensure they hire the right employees who have the right skills and attitudes, and who fit the working community without favor. According to Bolman (1997), employees in an organization are the source of problems and in order to avoid such problems in future the management should ensure those causing the issues change by showing them the benefits of undertaking change. Elizabeth’s approach towards Chris’s change of behavior could have assisted resolve the issues very easily since they had been friends for long. A real life example is of Missouri Oral Health Executive director ensured that people who get hired in the dental institution possessed the necessary qualifications (Health Care Foundation, 2012).


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