Technology Factor in Apple Company

Technology Factor in Apple Company

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Apple Incorporation is one of the companies that have significantly contributed to technological integration and innovation in computer and electronic sector. The company has marked a new era in technology and computer revolution; a process that was initiated by Steve Jobs. Apple has, therefore, contributed to revolution of computer industry through its technological progress. The introduction and implementation of modern technology in the company’s operations resulted into production of modern computerized devices such as smart phones, i-phones, i-pod, and i-pads (Schneiders, 2011, 76). The incorporation made a big step in revolutionizing the music industry through the invention of iPods and the iTunes online music stores. Other services offered are iBooks, iCloud, Mac App store and iOS App store amongst others (Lüsted, 2012). The Company also plays a critical role in the mobile sector through redefining the phones market through annual release of iPhone brands of phones.

Founded in Cupertino, California in 1st of April in 1976, with key founders being Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs (Mallin, 2013). Steve Jobs played a key role in reinvention and rise of Apple incorporation. The firm has its headquarters located in Cupertino with a total of 425 retail stores globally (Arthur, 2012). The current CEO is Tim Cook and the corporation as per 2013 recorded an income of US $ 170.9 billion (Mallin, 2013). Described as ‘cartoonlike’, the iMac gargets were better than all other computers in the industry during its launch in 1998 (Markoff, 2011, 109). Although relatively expensive and unaffordable to the low income members in the society, iMacs were fitted with more technical innovations including USB in its input device. This was followed by the release of iPod in 2001. Unlike the earlier generations, iPod was very small in size with a 1.8″ hard drives that was relatively smaller than the 2.5″ that dominated the markets. In addition, iPod had an increased storage capacity of 5-10G.

Apple Incorporation is known for its technology and electronics innovations covering personal computers to portable devices such as speakers, staircases, sleeves, packages, keyboards, and lanyards (Markoff, 2011, 109). Some of the computers and electronic innovations and products of Apple Inc. include, the Macintosh Computer that was introduced in the electronic market by January 1984. The other Apple Inc.’s product was the NeXT Computer. NeXT was founded by Jobs while serving at Apple. The company’s primary idea was to build workstation computers. With the help of Tim Lee, Jobs created the first ever web browser on NeXT computers. It was this computer that today makes the iPhone operating systems and Macintosh OSX. These innovations were essential in creating increased access to information in order to minimize on the information variations.

The introduction of iPod was an important step for Apple Incorporation to go into music industry. Apple improved on the first iPod generation and released touchscreen iPod Touch, hard-driven based classic iPod, and video-capable Nano iPod. These new innovation products improved the tele-communication industry. Finally, the launch of iPhones in 2007 was the landmark of Apple’s success. IPhone was preferred for its small size (making it easily portable) and multi-media capacities. The introduction of iPhone 3G one year later further improved the quality of life for phone users as it had additional features including 3G data support, tri-band UMTS, and GPS support. The iphone 3GS and I Phone 4S were fitted with voice control, faster processors, better video cameras, and voice recognition facilities, thus increasing their effectiveness and performance ability.

The corporation’s mission is “Man is the creator of change globally (Shaw, 2012). For this reason, man is above all structures and systems, and not subordinate to them.”(Cruikshank, 2006).  


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