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Real Choices at JetBlue

There is a major decision, which JetBlue Airways has to make, concerning customer satisfaction. Another decision, which JetBlue needs to make, is one concerning training of the airline’s employees. They need to be trained, in order to know how to respond during crisis, and in turn increase customer satisfaction. The employees working for the airline are the ones who can make sure that customer complaints are reduced. This means that if the employees had the proper training they would have handled the valentine’s crisis accordingly. Furthermore, JetBlue has to decide whether it can improve the ‘Customer Bill of Rights’ in order to ensure the customers are satisfied (Solomon & Marshall & Stuart, 2012). JetBlue also seeks to ensure that its customers have the trust they had before the crisis took place. This means that David Neeleman the Chief Executive Officer at the airline, should ensure that he comes up with a strategic plan to ensure that the ‘Bill of Rights’ succeeds. Moreover, the strategic plan should focus upon making JetBlue have a competitive advantage. The decision to be made has to be thought of carefully as it is one that will determine the future of JetBlue.

There are several factors, which are vital, as they assist in understanding the decision making situation. First, there is a need to ensure that the customers are involved in the process of decision making. This means that a forum should be provided whereby; they can put forward their views concerning this matter. They should be allowed to give their suggestions about what they want to see taking place in terms of customer service. Cost is another factor that has to be considered when understanding the decision. The costs involved should not be extremely high to the point whereby, they are more than the revenues obtained. JetBlue seeks to make profits, while at the same time, provide services that are high class to its customers. For example, under the provisions of the ‘Customer Bill of Rights’ customers will be entitled to 1000 dollars (Solomon & Marshall & Stuart, 2012). The offer is extremely enticing, but at the same time, is extremely costly. This means that in case of a major crisis, JetBlue will incur high costs as it seeks to compensate its customers. Lastly, JetBlue should understand that it needs to be better than its competitors, or it will lose some of its customers to other airlines. If this occurs, JetBlue will suffer, and it will not be held in high regard as it currently is.

There are several alternatives, which JetBlue should consider, when making this extremely crucial decision. It is a fact that one cannot know when natural disasters such as weather storms will take place. It is vital that JetBlue should always be ready in case such problems occur. This means that the communication system at JetBlue should be improved in all the locations where JetBlue has operations (Solomon & Marshall & Stuart, 2012). If proper communication had existed when the crisis took place, the customers would not have had any complaints. JetBlue should come up with a training program for all its employees on how to cope with disasters. It should also come up with a system that will reward its users. For example, those customers who frequently use the airline should be rewarded. This will in turn lead to customer loyalty and thus improve the image of JetBlue. Various customer information sources should be established in various localities to deal with arising issues from the customers (Argenti, 2009). It will be easy for JetBlue to know what is taking place using real time information. Lastly, JetBlue should have a hotline number whereby, its customers can give their views and complaints. This is a suitable way of enhancing communication between the airline and its customers.

The recommendations, which have been established, need to be implemented. First, all the employees working at JetBlue should be informed about the new changes. This will assist in reducing problems related to resistance by the employees. JetBlue should implement the recommendations by including it in its vision and mission. This means that all the employees are expected to meet and adhere to the standards, which have been established. JetBlue should also partner with external stakeholders, who will assist in implementation. The stake holders should come from the sectors of communications, and advertisement. They will help JetBlue to market itself well, in order to retain and attract new customers. Furthermore, Neeleman should on a regular basis, appear on talk shows as well as in national news. This will be quite appealing to the airlines customers as they can see the efforts being made the CEO. Also, on a regular basis, managers at JetBlue should hand in report, which shows the developments that have been made (Argenti, 2009). It will be easy to know, which areas have improved, and those that need to be upgraded. Lastly, JetBlue should benchmark itself with other leading airlines and find out how they implement their strategies. By doing so, it will know the standards it has to have and how they can be met.


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