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Study of Philosophy

Studying philosophy equips learners with different skills that are applicable in a variety of professions. To start with, philosophy enhances the ability of a student to evaluate and analyze arguments. In other words, it teaches an individual how to distinguish between good and bad arguments. Subsequently, an individual learns to make informed decisions on contentious issues. Secondly, philosophy teaches an individual to separate distinct issues, to analyze them independently, to think about the consequences and to formulate effective solutions to each of the separate issues. In other words, an individual becomes a good learner. Further, philosophy equips learners with advanced communication skills. It teaches individuals how to frame, convey and express ideas in a clear and convincing way. Also, studying philosophy improves an individual’s ways or perspectives of looking at life, knowledge and society.

Philosophy has been influential to me in various ways. It has taught me to think critically and to apply inductive reasoning when dealing with emerging issues. As well, it has taught me that there are often multiple solutions to problems. Also, I have learnt to approach problems from different perspectives. Effective learning of philosophy requires use of a holistic approach that integrates both formal and informal elements. The best way to learn philosophy is to read theoretical information, internalize, apply and practice it in real life situations. Techniques or skills for studying philosophy can be improved through applying systematic methods. The common features that can help an individual tom improve skills of studying philosophy include methodic doubt, argument and dialectic. Methodic doubt is a systematic process of doubting the truth of an individual’s beliefs. Argument simply refers to providing arguments supporting the solution. Lastly, dialectic refers to presenting arguments and solution for criticism by other philosophers.

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