Students Should Take Advantage of all Activities in BMCC

Students Should Take Advantage of all Activities in BMCC

Physical training for the teenagers has become critical, as the outcry of overweight people fills the media and health facilities. American health experts are looking for suitable strategies to help in raising a healthy generation. Increased consumption of junk foods and limited physical activities among many people are some of the issues to blame for deteriorating health of the Americans. In a recent research, medical experts recommended that the most efficient strategy to ensure America remains healthy would be through education teenagers on effective strategies to remain healthy. Many students are often too busy and focused in their studies to the extent that they disregard the significance of their physical training. On the same note, others cannot afford to meet the costly expenses of training facilities. Fortunately, BMCC sports facilities offer a wide range of sporting facilities that can help students to achieve their desired physical health hassle free. Sports allow students to engage in physical activities that in turn can help them to suppress common diseases that may come because of excess weight and consumption of junks. A previous report from the American Bureau of Statistics indicates that many students top in the list of consuming unhealthy foods. This makes it critical for them to practice harder than adults who allegedly consume less junk diet. The objective of the following essay is to evaluate whether all activities in BMCC can help students to overcome major excess weight related issues.

Junk food is popular among many students in spite of massive campaign against consumption of the unhealthy diets because they are affordable. In addition, these foods are tasty and readily available to students. The fast foods selling junk diets are available in every urban and shopping center, including in BMCC canteen. However, they often lead to excess weight gain that is associated with obesity, cardiac condition, and diabetes among other serious health conditions. Some students refuse to engage in student activities BMCC offer students for recreational purposes on the basis that they are physically healthy. Nevertheless, it never fails that they have relatives or siblings who are overweight of suffering from other complications that may result from lack of physical training. This proves that they are also vulnerable to developing such conditions. Imagine spending large sums of cash and developing mobility issues because of simple conditions that they could have avoided through engaging in physical activities. While it is true that many students are overwhelmed by responsibilities ranging from hobbies to education requirements, every student should allocate at least thirty minutes for engaging in physical exercises. According to the American Bureau of Statistics, students suffering weight related conditions have increased from 32% in 2007 to 49% in 2013. This worrying trend is putting America on the verge of a health crisis because soon the number will surpass 50%. Luckily, among the student activities BMCC offer include diverse sporting facilities. There is no membership of extra payment require any students to use these facilities. According to health experts, BMCC students should actively engage in sporting opportunities available in the academic institution because most of them can afford to neither purchase healthy unprocessed foods nor pay costly membership premium in local gymnasiums. However, imagine what could happen in case you start suffering from the detrimental health conditions affecting your loved ones. For students who are seeking to remain healthy longer, they should actively participate in sport activities.

According to a recent research on the health of the population by the American Bureau of Statistics, above 50% of the population is composed of overweight individuals. Moreover, an additional 30% are suffering from weight related conditions ranging from physical disability to common chronic diseases such as cardiac health issues. Additional research from the World Health Organization also emphasizes on the need for all Americans to get involved in physical training in order to control common health issues that have claimed and crippled several people, both financially and physically. The public outcry on escalating overweight issues has come from the fact that technology has made people lazy. Instead of students playing real football, they prefer playing virtual games in their computers. Similarly, they drive to school and use elevators to climb in lofty buildings. This implies that they rarely have time they can dedicate to physical training. In some cases, some students simply lack motivation for taking part in the sports. Moreover, some students assert have a misconception that an individual seeking to train physically can only realize their dream from going to a premium gym. Nonetheless, some students are reluctant to take advantage of sport facilities in BMCC since they are convinced they are not overweight. Similarly, some claim that they are capable of managing their body weights efficiently without training. However, these students base their arguments on the fact that they have appropriate BMI ratio. It is crucial for students in BMCC to understand that physical training is essential for both overweight and underweight individuals. It helps in maintaining good blood flow, burning cholesterol and other body components that often lead to poor health. As if that is not enough, BMCC sport facilities are free of charge. Apart from the activity fees charged on the students at the beginning of every term, there is no extra money requested. In case students still have the mentality that you need to enroll with a local gym so that you receive physical training, BMCC students activities guarantee the best student training hassle free.

Body training is a critical for healthy development of individuals. Diverse sports such as football, swimming, athletics and football are crucial for development of stronger muscles and effective blood flow. The skills students acquire when playing BMCC opens a way for venturing into international career. In fact, most of the reputed sports celebrity began nurturing their sports talent in college. Since the school management understands that its more than 10,000 students are talented in various games, they have ensured to provide myriads of resources to ensure that at least every student will find a suitable sport to suit their requirements. In their autobiographies, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant (both basketball legends) assert that they discovered their talents in college. By the time they got out of college, international teams readily recruited them. Sports talent scouts often identify gifted students when they are playing in their schools. People who avoid taking part in these sports often lose their chance of benefiting from their talents since the chance of being noticed by talent hunters is minimal. BMCC students have many reasons to excel in sports since the school management understands the significance of providing students with a variety of sport activities. There are diverse games and relevant resources readily available to the students. Besides, senior students with experience in specific sports often ensure to train upcoming players in order to ensure continuity of the popularity of the college as the sports hub.

Another reason students should take BMCC spots serious is that it is an alternative solution to individuals with no academic talent. Traditionally, parents believed that their children could only become successful in life if they were well educated and in formal employment. However, some of the most famous technology gurus such as the late Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft merely made it college, and yet they have made innovations that have created a significant impact across the globe. Similarly, students with poor academic performance can still become successful in sports. Active students benefit from both good body health; as well as, a chance to develop their future career. One of the greatest advantages of student activities in BMCC is the fact that students can join as many clubs as they wish. For example, an individual can decide to become a member of drama clubs, swimming team and college football among others. This open policy of joining several clubs helps in ensuring that students are active; as well as, they can try various sports until they find a suitable activity that would suit their needs best. In addition to improving physical fitness, sports nurture healthy brain development. Active people often have efficient blood flow and organ functioning that is needed for better health development.

However, student activities in BMCC are primarily suitable for physically fit individuals. Physically challenged individuals will find this institution discriminative since there no field or appliances that are primarily meant for the crippled. Although this institution is not primarily for physically challenged individuals, some people have physical challenges. This implies that they remain inactive when their colleagues are busy participating in diverse sports in the school. In addition, the institution has a lot of students and limited coaches, thus making it challenging to identify great talents in the institution. Fortunately, advanced technology offers students in BMCC a suitable platform to download training programs for use in learning essential games skills.

In conclusion, students’ activities in BMCC are essential since they provide students with an opportunity for staying healthy. The institution offers myriad of games to ensure that every student will at least find a suitable game that will suit his or her requirements. Every ambitious student has an opportunity to become an international player in their respective fields because there are adequate resources for everyone. Besides, the talent scouts do occasionally visit the institution to watch students as they are playing. Nevertheless, BMCC activities are intended for all the students. Health experts recommend students to engage in physical activities in order to help their muscle structures and other body components develop well. Recently, here has been an outcry has rocked America that over 50% of the population, both children and adults, are suffering from excess weight health related complications. The surest way students can overcome these effects is through intensive training. College football, basketball, swimming, and athletics among other popular sports among students provide them with an opportunity to exercise; as well as, enjoy leisure time in style. Irrespective whether students want to perfect their skills in respective sports, or their desire is staying fit while participating in these sports, student activities in BMCC incorporates all these ambitions.

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