Street Smart Students

Street Smart Students

This paper investigates street smart students and their extra-ordinary learning styles. Street smart students usually have lots of common sense and easily decipher what is going on around them. Consequently,, they know how to react to every situation in quite a unique manner. Essentially, street smart students are well prepared to handle bad/critical situations in spite of their tender age. Parents and teachers should not only encourage street smart students to engage intellectually, but to also individually engage them with the subjects they seem to understand best. This will be an adequate inspiration to their fellow students who may not be gifted in this manner. Students feel a greater urge to learn when they realize that their peers already have the knowledge. It is easier for students to learn from fellow students as compared to learning from the teachers.

There is the general feeling among students that older people know what they know because of their age and experience. Thus, by letting street smart students share their knowledge, the non-street smarts will be inspired to be street-smart educated.

I think that technology gives me the greatest inspiration to engage and discuss with my peers. In technology, there is always something new that people can talk about. Whether with a friend or a teacher, there will always be something relevant to discuss. The fact that technology encompasses almost all spheres of life motivates me to know more. I believe that with the help of technology, I can understand everything that comes my way; this is what keeps me motivated.

In conclusion, actively engaging in discussions helps street smart students to gain confidence in their knowledge and also inspires their colleagues to be gain knowledge. It is, therefore, important to encourage street smart students to engage with both their peers and their teachers.

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