STRATACOM is a reputable Information and Technology Company

Executive Summary

STRATACOM is a reputable Information and Technology Company whose portfolio is mainly development of new softwares that are specifically designed to meet the needs of its clients in their areas of business operations. Given the significant growth in mobile devices, and the ever increasing amount of information constantly flowing through communication channels of its clients for instance email and instant messaging, the Company is presented with an opportunity to develop new software: STRATALink 3.0. The product will manage and coordinate the communication links within the departments of a company and also between companies. The performance audit and assessment of the new product, STRATALink 3.0 conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) reveals that the product has a potential to increase the number of worldwide handheld shipments from 8.1 million in 2010 to 24.4 million in 2012 (IDC, 2010). It is further projected that the number of email messages transmission will rise from two billion eight hundred million in 2010 to seven billion two hundred million in the year 2012.

STRATALink 3.0 will be very strong in the market given that it is developed by a highly competent R&D team, and it is also an improved version of the existing product STRATALink 3.0 1.0, which is preferred by many clients in the market. Comparative to MLink 1.0, the STRATALink 3.0 is very simple and install within the information systems. The production and release of STRATALink 3.0 will present our product to a wide range of industry verticals as well as make out solutions operational with regards to the fields of consultancy, manufacturing, finances and technology (IDC, 2010). STRATACOM presents its products using direct sales and programmed on-line sales. In the near future, the Company also plans to liaise with not only IT Services but also wireless service providers across the continents.

During the first quarter of the financial year 2010, STRATACOM will present to the market STRATALink 3.0, which mainly supports convergent devices. It also supports potentials of PDA and telephony. Examples of these include Short Message Services that is commonly referred to as SMS as well as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). The company will continually explore and using its business model while at the same time upholding a steady increase in revenue by constant reduction of expenses incurred in operations. Most of the revenue will be accrued from licenses and implementation fees that are recognized upon the full implementation of the software: STRATALink 3.0. Besides license and service revenue, there will be a chargeable monthly user subscription fee conducted in a manner that renders our financial projections and budget visibility into the remaining future planning quarters. The implementation of this fiscal plan will guarantee the company the required amount of capital during the 2011’s first quater. Definitely, STRATACOM will be capable of expanding and enhance its sales and marketing respectively in bid to catapult its rapid revenue growth.

At the end of financial year, 2009 STRATACOM had estimated revenue of $700,000 in cash with operating and capital lease obligations over the next three years of $450,000. The company has no debt and has not drawn down on any credit lines (Clarke & Boyyd, 2010). Summarily, STRATACOM engages in the supply of software systems to business enterprises. These are for purposes of communication via messages, emails and voicemails in unified forms. Our software enables the enterprise to deliver any vital communication to employees on varied systems which include Windows CE, different Palm devices as well as those of RIM. STRATACOM’s value rests on increasing the efficiency of employees and their output and the subsequent easy management of many linked devices as well as communication channels that are either in connection with or that connect them. STRATALink 3.0 has been very commendable in ensuring that the employees of its client companies are always within the reach and access of their communication channels whether they are on their office desks or far away from the office desk. What a wonderful on-line service! STRATACOM’s mainline product,” STRATALink 3.0 is an edition that is packed with many exemplary features. Among these is an excellent view of messaging channels which include email and SMS services that are from any remote device inclusive of mobile phones. STRATACOM’s offering is most well received by an IT department which needs to support multiple devices while having the same access to email, voice mail and instant message updates” (Clarke & Boyyd, 2010).

Consider this illustration to show the superior performance of the STRATALink 3.0. Comparatively other software programs like Windows CE, the palm as well as RIM devices together with their various components have a lot of limitations and challenges in the operations. They need to be configured differently and also operate in a different manner especially with important email packages that are characteristic of Lotus Notes as well as Microsoft Outlook. In the same way, both email packages and varied devices needed a specialized IT Section to effect the establishment of different corresponding informal solutions for every kind of the program device (Clarke & Boyyd, 2010). Apparently in the business sense, STRATALink 3.03.0 is the only unique product that commonly provides a bridging platform between user communication channels: email, voice mail, and messaging service on one hand and the major mobile devices namely Palm, CE and RIM devices on the other hand. The most important element and merit of STRATALink 3.0 is that it be perfectly run on a single server at the company’s site at any given time- an advanced function the ASP cannot execute.

Owing to the fact that advancement of WAP and SMS has not reached the desirable standards in terms of the easy usability, flexibility in their programs to accommodate variety of institutionalized service requirements and mobile devices, the production and presentation of STRATALink 3.0 beginning first quarter of 2011 is very vital in supporting devices that are telephony as well as PDA enabled. Although the company markets the product using direct sales strategy whereby they make direct contacts and execute subsequent sales to the IT Departments of various firms and entrepreneurial, it resorts to venture into other marketing strategies in the near future. Additional sales strategies include developing productive partnership and associations with system integrators; successfully conduct and demonstrate several sales traction; wide collaborations with device manufacturers and leading distributors and various IT service providers. These concerted efforts will guarantee the product successful entry into the market together with sales to a variety of industry verticals.

Marketing Opportunity:

Market Targeted

The Company has positively identified all the potential markets for the newly product upon its production. The market target is purely all the IT firm, individual and corporate entrepreneurs who deal with internet and large scale corporate networks. Due to the rapid increased growth in the use of mobile devices worldwide, a larger percentage of the general world population and employees have unlimited access to mobile browser devices and corporate wireless applications. Within the last quarter of the 21st Century, most of the corporate and private firms go on-line in terms of sales, adverts, consultation and e-commerce in general has gone up with a sudden boost and popularity. This trend in the internet and wireless technologies will flare up even more in the future; and the number of people communicating via e-mails record and exponential growth. Therefore the introduction of the STRATALink 3.0 in the market will be fully embraced due to the created demand and its ability to bridge up the existing vacuum in relay, coordination, transmission, management of data and email messages between different departments of a firm and also between different Companies.

There are many reliable customers in the market. STRATACOM however has a specific projected list of big customers which include a brokerage firm; Standish Brokerage, a manufacturing plant called Hemlin and a consultation firm referred to as Mallaber. These companies deal in the exchange of overwhelming volumes of internet and wireless communications and internet e-mails. As a result of limited and scanty internet and wireless technologies, the companies are cut off from enterprise communication channel. There is a huge cry over the problem and the only solution to it is the purchase and installation of the STRATALink software in various departments to facilitate uninterrupted flow of communication channels. To this far the STRATALink 3.0 is highly sellable in the market and at the moment, its demand will far outweigh its supply.

The STRATALink 3.0 Solution:

STRATALink 3.0 avails an outstanding service to companies with mobile employees who use devices like CE Windows, palm and RIM, in allowing quick and efficient delivery of emails, SMS and voice mails and vise-versa. Similarly, the Company will provide respective consumer enterprises with two major benefits. To begin with, there will be an increased efficiency in the communication processing and transmission; the productivity of the enterprises will be increased to larger percentages. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the product will increase the number of worldwide handheld shipments from 8.1 million in 2010 to 24.4 million in 2012 and also increase the number of email message transmission rise from 2.8 billion in 2010 to 7.2 billion in the year 2012. (IDC, 2010). Likewise, the productivity of the workers in these enterprises will be significantly increased since the STRATALink 3.0 software unifies the communications delivery and relay to the channels thus ease work on their part. At the moment they find this task cumbersome and very unpleasant. In the essence, these companies on installation of the STRATALink 3.0 will increase the employee morale also rendered the work environment in the companies very conducive.

Secondly, the STRATALink will enable employees of various enterprise communication channels work on-line because all the stakeholders in the communication enterprises namely the Top Management, Entrepreneurs, the international clientele community and employees of various enterprises will be are interconnected. They will be able to communicate with one another harmoniously through the coordination of the STRATALink 3.0; all the serial transactions will be done across the web through coordinated communication channels by way of e-mail, voice mails, and instant messaging services. In this scenario, whenever a user is working in the office, the STRATALink 3.0 will instantly avail their snapshots along with that of the on-line correspondent and then the important information in the business matter will be relayed. STRATALink 3.0 will carry out all these multiple functions at one time web connection. In simplified terms, any employee can therefore communicate very easily from whichever point in the world. Thus the office expenditure and office operational costs are highly reduced since employees and the Top management can effectively from the comfort of the home.

With the usage of STRATALink 3.0, there exists an interface between the voice mail systems of the enterprise and hand held contact information. The interface coordinates and conveys the matching information between the two users. According to the software developers, “For users with an “always on” wireless connection STRATALink 3.0 allows instant linking of users via messages; which allows easy work in communication will everyone in and out of offices. It also enables IT Departments to easily manage the unified delivery of communication channels to mobile users” (Clarke, 2010). As reflected in its effective use, the software will expand the responsibilities and obligations of enterprise IT support staff towards delivering constant mobile solutions to various users despite their localities. In this pursuit, STRATALink 3.0 provides executive hardware, software and network management.

In all STRATALink 3.0 has proven to be the only solution to the problems that affects current internet communication especially where a series of communications involving large and frequent data bundles. It is easy to install and does not require any sophisticated devices. It remains the only web tool that has the capacity to deliver a unified view of a mobile user’s communication channels. The company STARATACOM will always be around its esteemed customers in the provision of professional, technical and moral support to the customers. The Company Training Team has established a unit charged with the responsibility of training enterprise staff and general users on the operations of the new software. All these services will be provided to new clients absolutely for free.

The STRATACOM Sales and Marketing Strategy:

The main objective of the STRATACOM remains its endeavor to remain the leading mobile solutions provider in solemn attempt to have the esteemed users access their communication channels at the times without any fear or uncertainty of web cut off in the course of their communications. To attain this objective, we must first of all build our client base across the continents. In this pursuit, all disposable marketing strategies are vital. The Company will focus on market segmentation strategy whereby the product will be displayed as simplified channels of mobile communication whose targets are mainly small and medium business enterprises in possession of independent IT infrastructure. Similarly, our sales strategy will revolve around selling services: Large sales, consultation, maintenance, and budgetary projections into the IT departments that employ various mobile devices to monitor and control their communication channels.

STRATALink 3.0 remain very strong in the market given that it is developed by a highly competent R&D team, and it is also an improved version of the existing product STRATALink 3.0 1.0, which is preferred by many clients in the market. Comparative to MLink 1.0, the STRATALink 3.0 is very simple and install within the information systems. The production and release of STRATALink 3.0 will offer our product to a variety of industry verticals and implement our solution in the Consulting, Financial, Manufacturing and Technology equipment sectors (IDC, 2010). STRATACOM offers its product through direct sales and programmed on-line sales. In the near future, the Company also plans to build partnerships with IT Services and

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