Steps as a Leader, The Crown Books Corporation

Steps as a Leader, The Crown Books Corporation

The Crown Books Corporation is a bookseller located in Lake Arbor. It was founded in the year 1977 by Haft Robert in Washington DC. As the CEO of Crown books, there are many challenges we have been facing as a company which may lead to the dissolution of the organization. As such, there are many implementations which I intend to put into practice to make certain that the company does not dissolve but rather make it sail through to a better future. As a leader there are steps that I am supposed to take in order to avoid further negative impacts to the company.

The very first thing I will do is to make sure that there are sufficient facilities in the company. This is to enable the company to produce enough services and products to the market in order to avoid shortages (Fallik, 2013). This will help in satisfying clients hence maintaining them and even attracting more of them. I will also make sure that stress management practice is effective. I will an implement effective management practice of stress to make certain that my employees do not develop stress at work. This is actually among the main challenges we have been experiencing.

The other issue is about working relationships. I will ensure that the working relationships among workers as well as the relationship between the employees and the clients are satisfactory. This is aimed at making the clients feel appreciated. In the same line, I will make sure that complaints from the clients are responded to appropriately (Fallik, 2013). This is because they are the main individuals who keep the company running by buying our products. I will act as a role model by committing myself to work so that my employees can follow the same and work as expected.

Rules and regulations placed by the managerial staff ought to be followed. This is another issue that I will watch closely to make sure that no rules are violated for the purpose of obtaining best results. Generally as a leader the steps I will take include monitoring working relationship, managing stress at work, making sure that rules and regulations are followed, ensuring that all the assigned jobs are done and completed in a timely manner and making sure that all departments in the organization are stable. This generally means that I will work to make sure that the organization at large works effectively for the purpose of obtaining the best.


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