Staying Abreast Of Current Federal Laws And Legislations

Staying Abreast Of Current Federal Laws And Legislations


The importance of laws in the contemporary human society cannot be gainsaid as far as the maintenance of order is concerned. Indeed, laws have always had a bearing on the economic wellbeing of countries, regions and societies, especially considering that they determine the level of stability in those regions. Needless to say, human societies have been dynamic. In fact, the applicability of laws in varied times is always challenged as new circumstances call for new strategies to allow for coping with the new challenges brought about by the circumstances. This underlines the fact that laws, whether at the federal, state, local, as well as institutional level, are always changing. Of course, the question remains whether it is beneficial in any way to keep abreast with the current laws and legislations that the federal and state governments establish.

In the article, “Top of mind: the importance of staying abreast of current legislation, practices” published in the Casino Journal, 2012, Coburn states that legal officers would only have the capacity to determine the consequences of any course of action by knowing what the current laws state. Different laws will always come with different statements. In most cases, current laws will be amendments of the previous laws, or will be aimed at filling the gaps or loopholes that previous laws have created (Coburn, 2012). This underlines the fact that current laws will be likely to touch on issues that were not touched in the previous legislations, or rather change the manner in which the previous legislations touched the issues (Coburn, 2012). In essence, keeping tabs with the current legislations would come in handy in weighing the options that an individual has, especially with regard to consequences of any course of action. Indeed, this is the only way that legal officers would have the capacity to give sound advice to their clients with regard to what should and could be done within the law, as well as determine the most appropriate course of action for them.

In addition, Coburn draws the example of healthcare providers and the requirement for coding. The department of justice has in the past carried out investigations in an effort to recover funds that have been fraudulently obtained, as well as discourage future abuses. This may trigger the performance of aggressive audits on healthcare providers even in instances where the state and federal entities have exonerated them from any wrongdoing, on the basis of the information that government investigations have uncovered (Coburn, 2012). Institutions such as healthcare providers would only avert such possibilities through being proactive and ensuring that their activities are in line with the current regulations. Indeed, keeping abreast with the current legislations would allow them to eliminate and correct any problems that government investigations uncover (Coburn, 2012). In addition, it would allow for self-audit, which would go a long way in refuting allegations pertaining to intentions to commit fraud.

The article seems fairly comprehensive especially with regard to its exploration of aspects of law not only with regard to individuals (employees, in this case) but also institutions such as healthcare providers. Indeed, its coverage of instances such as investigations by government agencies and any implications that such activities would have on the same seem fairly comprehensive. However, it seems to be give scarce information on the differences that may exist between the implications of state laws and federal laws. Nevertheless, the article would be appropriate for individuals in different fields, as it is not limited to particular professions.


Coburn, C (2012). Top of mind: the importance of staying abreast of current legislation, practices. Casino Journal,

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