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Starbuck coffee company

Starbuck coffee company is a corporation which is situated in Seattle, Washington. It is considered as the largest coffeehouse company worldwide. Many people take their coffee at their coffeehouses s it has become the beacon for the coffee lovers In the world. The company roasts and sells high quality coffee beans.

The starbuck coffee company has many staffs as the company has many outlets worldwide.

Outline of the businessI would email the company through their website. In addition, I will physically approach the manager of one of the outlets in the country as well as sending a letter to the company’s address. As a student I will apply for an attachment letter, therefore, would build my trust to the company and the manager. As staff in the company, I will be required to performance to my best. Working as a team will make me gather the appropriate information required. The starbuck staffs are expected to follow the safety rules and practises. The workplace health, safety and security in starbuck coffee company should be adhered by each and every official. The company’s official uses the personal protective equipment safety especially in the cleaning department procedure since the company deals in roasting of coffee beans thus need self-protection. The data and records to be used in ensuring identification of the problems and the opportunity for improvement is by use of the questionnaire. Every official will have to fill the questionnaire to come up with a concrete report. During the frequent meeting with the staffs and the manager, I will draft my opinion on my new process which I will convince the manager and the team as general on how it meets the cultural sensation and how it helps the company to achieve the company goal.A plan design on current operational safetySteps in designing a plan in operational safety plan1. I will express the solution which will be in a series of goal. The problem in this case is the security measure to be undertaken by the official during their duty having agreed on the solution through the specific problem in the company.2. Generation of a list if action to be undertaken for each goal

3. Preparation of the timeline

4. Allocation of the resources5. Identification of the possible problems6. Developing of a strategy for monitoring a progress7. Assigning of tasks8. Estimation of cost9. Finally implementation of the plan

For a plan to be outlaid then some of the parties should be consulted. The parties to be consulted are the manager and the staffs. However, the this information should be communicated in a more processed method and this will through a written to document/copy of the proposal of a new method of security to each team and managerProcedures used to meet the target/goal of the new procedure· Setting of the performance standard· Employee induction through the induction policy· Frequent one to one meetings· The principle of capability procedureThe procedures to ensures safety of the customers in starbuck coffee companyManagement

There should be an appropriate control systems which is in place for each phase in the cleaning service hence will make the personal protective equipment is controlledCo-ordination

Co-operation and proper co-ordination of work activities should be ensured in the company. The services should make sure the overall safe phase programme of the work is developed which will be through taking into the account risk of assessments and communicating to all the relevant partiesInformation

Relevant information should be provided to the concerned party on any risk to their health and safety which is identified by the company risk assessment. The provision of the information will be done through the general induction as well as briefings about the individuals workCompetenceAll the staff are expected to be competent so as to undertake their role safely hence not endangering the third party. This will be provided by an appropriate level of supervision as well as the nature of the work involvedMonitoring and review

Periodically, the management should check the agreed methods and ways of controlling risk, moreover, testing them to ensure they are working and followed, as well. The procedure may not work out due some obstacles in the organisation. Therefore, the management should be contacted. A committee should be formed see on the effectiveness of the procedure is implemented. However, the strategy should be formulated to solve this problem.The following are solution strategies

Forming a committee to ensure the procedure is implementedInvolving the stakeholder in the company that is the staffs and the managers

Educating the employees on the importance of the safety measures


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