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Project Title: School Bus Tracking System Date Prepared: Name Position Role Contact Information Requirements Expectations Influence Classification

Schools 1 Ensure that all buses are installed with the gadgets NIL To supervise On time delivery Influencer High

Installation Company 1 Install the devices 4050 Dubai Installation roles On time, Measurable Influencer High

Parents 2 Evaluate the workability of the devices NIL Supervisory Measurable Influencer High

Abu Dhabi Education Council 1 Evaluate the workability of the devices Private Bag Supervisory On time, Measurable Influencer and evaluator High

Khalid Al Ansari – Manager 1 Manage Operations NIl Management Roles Measurable Evaluator and manager Low

Company Emirates Transport 2 Supplier Nil Supplying role One time Influencer Low

Gulf News 1 Information and Advertisement 256 Dubai Media Measurable Influencer High

Emirates transportation company 2 Transportation and Evaluation 2156 Dubai Transportation Measurable Influencer High