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OZStyle4U Company is willing to recruit a new store manager at the eve of its growth. Therefore, this paper seeks to explain the recruitment and section process. The paper defines the basic facets that needs to be included in OZStyle4U recruitment and selection process to ensure the right and qualified candidate is found.


Staffing Strategy: Academy Staffing

OZStyle4U should ensure that it adopts a staffing strategy that will be able to contain all the needed or the expected demands of the organization as well as well as that of the stakeholders. Based in the above necessity, the organization employed Academic Staffing Strategy; this type of strategy takes a development type of approach when handling staffing issues.

The organization will use this strategy since it has a vision of being the “employer of choice” as stated; therefore, for this case, strategy allows the organization to hire fresh graduates from college and offer them in-service training. This gives the employers a chance to have 100 percent employee retention rate, in addition, the employees are also able to raise through ranks as they get the distinct skills needed for the service. Since the organization is a SMEs (Small and medium sized Enterprises), this strategy is a great deal is at offers mentorship to talented employees with the aim of transforming the employees to senior position over time.

As of the case of OZStyle4U, the company is trying to recruit a new store manager after a short duration; this means that the organization is in the eve of getting a manager in the shortest time possible and is on the risk of getting an individual without experience if it employs other strategies. Thus, academic staffing strategy is the best at the moment as a right candidate will gain experience while in the company through training.

The table below shows how the Academic Strategy will be enforced

Strategy element Primary Choice

HR perspective Investment Costs

Staffing emphasis Proactive Reactive

Type of workforce Core Flexible

Position focus Critical All

Labour market Internal External

Skill acquisition Train Select

Talent management Replace Retain

Skills focus Person-Job fit; KSAOs Person-organisation fit; Competencies

Staffing decisions Centralised Devolved

The following are the benefits of adopting the Academic Staffing Strategy:

Staffing Emphasis/Talent Management

As a small company making it first steps in business, and hiring a new store manager for the first time, the strategy will be of great use in analyzing the staffing levels of the organization so that the company could be able to get the best Store manager in the limited timeframe. This employment of the strategy will help the company to make a short-time analysis to ensure it gets the right candidate amid the many that have graduated. It lays down the protocols of analyzing the best candidate on board as well as assist in designing the best training plans and methodologies.

Skill acquisition/ skills focus

With the implementation of the academic strategy of recruitment, OZStyle4U is able to define the prerequisites of the hiring or recruitment requirements that the company ought to employ for better process. The model has developed staffing requirements that will help the company to seek the best candidate for the store manager position. Nothing less than the efficiency in the recruitment process, the strategy also offer a standard staffing requirements that will offer credible requirement layout.

Labour Market/Staffing Decision

Since the company is in a growth mode, the model will help the OZStyle4U to include additional funds for training of the new employee in addition to future budgeting process. The model also explains that work related injuries could be resolved using various ways. This helps the company to recruit an individual who is safety conscious. In addition, the strategy offers the organization a chance to determine candidates posing relevant staffing needs as well as those who need extensive future training. Academic strategy is a clear model that will help OZStyle4U to pick candidates based on their integral qualities and skills and the value they will add to the organization. The strategy helps the company to determine its internal and external labour market.

OZStyle4U Employment Value Proposition

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