St. Louis County Missouri

St. Louis County Missouri


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Political Party AffiliationSt. Louis County is located in the Third Congressional District (DMO3) of the State of Missouri. There are other eight Congressional Districts in the State of Missouri, which has nine in representation districts to the US congress in total. St. Louis County being in the DMO3 is currently represented in the congress by US Representative Russ Carnaham who is a Democratic candidate (, 2011). It therefore follows that the St. Louis County voted largely as a democrat region in the last presidential elections. However, traditional voting patterns expected on the State of Missouri political party affiliation point at a different overall voting results in the last elections. This is because unlike expectations and projections that Democrats would have more voting power out of all the congressional districts, republicans had more votes instead. But the Third Congressional District voted as expected in favor of the Democratic Party. St. Louis therefore can be used as a general political affiliation indicator for the state since traditional voting patterns in Missouri favor the Democratic Party (Jones, 2009). A few exceptions such as those observed in the last presidential election are however observed across the political affiliation patterns.

Crime StatsCrime in St. Louis is a major concern for the authorities, particularly due to existence of major gangs such as the outlawed mafia activity of the Giordano crime family (DeVico, 2007). According to (2009), St. Louis is among the riskiest and unsafe cities in the entire country, with a crime index of 1 out of a hundred. Its violent crime data median for 2009 (20) exceeds the State of Missouri (5.5) and the national median data (4.7). Among the murder reported crimes, murder, rape, robbery, property crime and assault make up the largest proportion. Crime per square mile for the same period was in the county was 701, while the state and national median were 30 and 50 respectively. Another element of crime that thrives in Missouri is illicit drug trafficking and abuse according to DPSSAC (2010).

DemographicsFor the population in St. Louis County as recorded in the US Census Bureau (2011) for the recent census, the composition figures illustrate a predominant white population at about 70 per cent. African Americans make about 23 per cent of the population, while Asian Americans constitute about 4 percent. Americans with a Hispanic origin make up to 2.5 per cent while the remainder is made up of Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Alaska Natives and others with more than one race. Female population exceeds the male counterparts at slightly over 50 per cent, while the youth under 18 years comprises about 30 percent of the population (US Census Bureau, 2011). Education level among young adults of about 25 years of age is over 90 percent for high school education while almost 40 per cent of the same age group has achieved the bachelor’s degree level of education.

IndustriesThere are several industries that carry out their activities in St. Louis County, which facilitate the government in running most of its operations in form of revenue earned. The commercial sector is the largest contributor in the revenue collection by the county government. Perhaps the most promising sector in the commercial industry is the property and real estate markets which have high office recognition through the creation of a county assessors’ office (, 2011). Among the duties of the officer is to vale property at the fair market valuation to facilitate business in the industry from the county governance. The building and construction sector for instance attracts a huge investment in the county from where the city housing challenges are handled. Revenue raised through such business establishments is used in provision of services to the county dwellers as well in provision of public amenities to visitors. There is an economic council in the county that deals with facilitation of business opportunities and provision of an enabling environment for business in the county. The hotel industry has improved in the recent years to capture both domestic and external tourism in the county, through a host of hospitality packages. Recreation complexes are also available and their maintenance has proved to e an important government investment in areas such as the museums which earn extra revenue for the county government.

Transit SystemAn efficient mixture of transport modes exists in St. Louis which is comprised of majorly rail and road transport within the county. For trips across the borders, other modes of transport such as sea and air transport may become necessary particularly for long journeys. The commonest mode of transport is through taxis and Metro transit that involves light trains. Efficiency is improved in human transit due to a network of various modes that is created by convergence of the light rail, buses, train and taxi services. Rental cars are also available in the county and across major cities which makes transport system very efficient.

Upcoming Elections in the CountyThe county will hold Supplemental Election on the 2nd of August 2011 and announcements for the same have been posted on the County Government’s notice boards (, 2011). There is a clear voting process in the county with an elaborate voter registration, voter education and voting access programs. Dissemination of electoral information is distributed through various media channels such as the internet. The vacant election offices are announced and every county dweller is allowed to participate since the national democratic agenda is also well manifested at the county level. St. Louis being a Democratic Party stronghold has very elaborate structures of the Democratic Party as well as the main rival, the Republican Party.

Population and ChangesThere is a general population decline in the comparison of figures for census conducted in 2000 and 2010. This is represented by a -1.7 per cent dip to stand at 998954 in 2010 in the county, while the general state population increased by a whooping 7 percent increase (US Census Bureau, 2011). This is perhaps represented by migration patterns as people move out to other counties and cities within the state to settle there. Other population growth factors may have acted against the county to occasion a negative population growth.

County GovernmentThe county is governed by a County Government with an executive, county council, county assessor and is assisted by various boards, commissions and department leaders (, 2011). The office of county prosecuting attorney is perhaps one of the powerful offices that the government has to ensure that criminal offenses are amicably brought to justice. Civil proceedings are also instituted by the prosecutor while legal counsel is also availed to the government through the same office. This office is created by the Missouri Code Chapter 331. Besides, several municipalities are created for the purpose of ensuring an efficient service delivery throughout the county. Four divisions segment the county into a number of county municipalities with an important administrative role. In addition, government agencies within the county facilitate in delivery of public amenities and other services in a defined manner. These agencies include civic organizations, libraries, transit agencies, tour guide agencies, boundary commissions among many more. With such a diversified organizational structure, St. Louis is covered in devolution and delegation of executive authority to the furthest end of the county.

Major NewspapersThere are several newspapers in circulation in St. Louis just as there are other media types. In total, there are over twenty newspapers in circulation, but the market specialization and focus differentiates them into different media tools depending on the audience. The Arch City Chronicle, Community News and St. Louis Post Dispatch are among the commonest countywide circulation newspapers. Others are regional such as South County Times and South Side Journal that are circulated only in specific regions (, 2011). The rest target a specific audience on a certain topic or are in a different language other than the dominant English speaking market. Other mediums of news and entertainment delivery include broadcast, internet and magazines, which are also differentiated into audience, region coverage or language specification.


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