Speech For CEO, Starbucks Coffee House had numerous involvement in the community development programs






Speech for CEO

Years ago Starbucks Coffee House had numerous involvement in the community development programs and partnership for the betterment of community health. Starbucks Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz has concern on the improvement of nutritional value of Starbucks products. Nutrition and health are essential for every human being. Schultz is employing professionals in his cooperation for the purpose of production of quality products for the citizens. Nutrition and health is a major concern on the American citizens for the purpose of reduction of health diseases. Ladies and Gentlemen, the essential products and services from Starbucks will cost approximately one million dollars. Involvement of civil organizations towards raising one million dollars will be essential for fast and quality production of nutritious products from Starbucks. The campaign on eating well as part of well-living is part of mission statement of Starbucks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Starbucks participates in fair trade that translates into ten percent of the revenue of the global market. Schultz concern on nutrition is on the basis of the total revenue the corporation gets yearly of eight million dollars. Exploration on the foods and drinks present in the Starbucks will help in solving many metabolic diseases. Nutritional diseases that occur to American citizens due to poor feeding habits are hypertension, obesity, diabetes, cardiac disorders, and liver cirrhosis. Ladies and gentlemen, a story on the foods with high calorie content led in a couple siring children that are obese making them unfit to live in the community due to ridicule. Active participation of the civil organizations will help solve the nutritional disorders through raising one million dollars towards employment of experts in the nutritional sector of Starbucks. In addition, ladies and gentlemen, I have a concern on health consultations that are increasing towards Starbucks management.

The funds will also be essential in the creation of a consultation centre dealing with health and nutritional issues. It is high time we give applause on the management of Starbucks towards the expansion of nutritional sector for the good of the American community. Ladies and gentlemen, it is our role to boost this fund-raising and work hand-in-hand to ensure success of the program. The health experts in the nutritional sector will check the amount of calories present in the foods they sell to the customers. It is expensive to maintain constant monitoring and evaluation process and that is the reason we ask for your help for one million dollars. The federal government is also concerned on the success of this new program and ready to see the results. The health experts of the Starbucks will also give advice on nutritionally ill individuals on the appropriate food or drink product to buy from Starbucks.

Ladies and gentlemen, the unselfish free consultation services from Starbucks will help in the management of the already established illness and reduce the occurrence of similar disorders on the current generation. Finding a balanced meal is difficult; Starbucks is on the move towards personalizing the nutritional needs of its clients through the nutritional department. Ladies and gentlemen, time to put the effort of making the dream a success for the good of the American community is now. In conclusion, the benefit of raising one million dollars will cater the needs of the elderly, youth and paediatrics in the society. Eating disorders will reduce and American citizens will save the cost of treating nutritional disorders.

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