Sony Ericsson Corporation

Sony Ericsson Corporation





This is a mobile phone venture which was established with an aim of integrating the electronic expertise of Sony and the technological knowledge of Ericsson. It is a joint venture established in two thousand and one between Telefonaktiebolaget LM of Sweden and Sony Corporation of Japan. Its management is in United Kingdom in London. The venture lies in the communication sector and operates globally in more than eighty countries including United States, China, Beijing, Japan, Sweden, and Tokyo. It is engaged in mobile technology projects that benefit, create opportunities and improve the standards of living of the people globally. The company is forth largest manufacturer of mobile handsets after Nokia, Samsung and LG respectively. Its sales have been largely influenced by launch of Cyber-shot and Walkman series. Its vision is to be “The communication entertainment brand” which inspires people to communicate and take part in the entertainment.

Sony Ericson won Mobile Choice Awards in two thousand and six as “Manufacturer of the Year” one of the aspects that triggered the choice of the corporation. The award was based on the quality of the phones which combine entertainment and innovative telecommunication solutions. The phones have style, intelligent features, simple applications and Walkman technology which enable the user to listen to music from FM radio. The phones enable taking and sharing photos and have a browser. The choice of the firm is based on the fact that the corporation emphasizes on creating sustainable development as an aspect that needs immediate attention and one to be considered by other manufacturers. In addition, the corporation has commitments on improving its environmental, economic and societal impact. Sony Ericsson has a sustainability policy which aims at leading and exceeding beyond the minimum industrial standards. It strives towards leadership in the competitive mobile phone industry by phrasing out the unused substances, aims at being energy efficient and focused on recycling. The company respects human rights in its products as well as in the way it ethically handles its employees. It has policies which aim at ethical and social behavior in its operations while complying with all regulations and laws that are applicable. The company’s corporate code revolves around the corporate social responsibility which is essential in aiding the employees to make decisions that are ethically correct. Its supplier social code expects its suppliers to ensure employees safety at the workplace, business ethical standards and respect human rights. This is implemented through inspections of first level suppliers for the company to ensure the code is practically taken into account. Its relationship with suppliers is based on rules and regulations that have to be followed. Compliance with the requirements helps in improving and developing the product in the supply chain which is essential in cultivating towards leadership

Students can learn from the company to focus on innovations that aims at conserving the environment such as GreenHeart project which aims at reduction of environmental impact without affecting the feature of the phone e.g. C901 GreenHeart. Such phones have in-phone manual, display that is energy efficient with a decrease in carbon dioxide emission of fifteen percent. The products are packed in small boxes with an eco-charger and no manual to conserve the environment. The company has eliminated harmful chemical substances from the products such as Vinyl plastic and Brominated flame retardants and recycling of plastics. The corporation’s lifecycle aspect target product development which relies on design, materials, logistics, supply chain improvement, manufacturing, use of the product and treatment when the product is no longer in use. Sony Ericsson aims at protecting the well being of the society in its operations. Their products have to comply with governmental health regulation and international safety standards through carefully designs and tests to protect the public. The company embraces ethical standards in the way it associates with its employees and its suppliers ahead of the making profits. This can be emulated by students in improving their relationship with the society irrespective of the main motive they are engaged in.

Sony Ericsson operates in the telecommunication sector with competitors such as Samsung, LG and Nokia. It enhances the purchasing power of the public through moderate pricing. The products of Sony Ericsson have high quality and are reachable in most countries since it operates in more than eighty countries globally. The products have interesting features such as walkman and play-station especially interesting to the young generation. Assigning their phones the female code names segments their market along gender may be targeting the female as their clientele. Their prices are moderate in the competitive telecommunication sector. The corporation segments the market through charging differently with respect to the segment. For instant the C905 handset is a top seller in United Kingdom since the prices of the phone are lower because the global management of the corporation is in United Kingdom. Segmentation through changes in trends targets the young people who use products to match their lifestyle. Outsourcing production in Asia aimed at making products with lower cost. It gains competitive advantage through its policies involving environmental conservation. The reduced carbon dioxide emission of Sony Ericsson products make their products different and use this aspect to market its products.


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