Solutions to Election Frauds in America

Solutions to Election Frauds in America

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Solution to the Election Frauds in America

In America, voting by the use of ballot papers was first done in 1692. Voting process has been evolving since then until it entered the digital era. Elections are meant for the citizens to exercise their democratic right by electing the candidates that they want. However, in the recent past, the interest of the citizens has been maliciously overlooked since the candidates who end up winning the election are not the candidates they vote (Maisel & Brewer, 2010).Electoral frauds have been very rampant in the countries that claim to be democratic like in America. The frauds are either committed by the electoral officers or the supporters of a particular candidate. Regardless of the evolution, these machines that are used in voting are either below the needed accuracy standards or are tampered with to manipulate the results of the voting process (Diamond & Plattner, 2006). The software that these machines use is sometimes incompatible and therefore ends up being erroneous. During the transmission of the votes by either radio or wire, the results are altered. Therefore, the result does not convey the democratic right that was exercised by the citizens (Gallagher & Mitchell, 2005).To avoid the possibility of frauds in elections, the countries should ensure that they avoid giving the role of production of the voting equipment to one company. This ends up messing every detail for the benefit of the people who fund it. The countries should also redefine the duty of the body that oversees the electoral process. The significant errors that are facing the voting machinery demand constant reexamination of various factors of the prevailing voting standards. These measures include the accuracy of the ballot counting machines and ensuring that all the votes cast by voters are real (Tocqueville & Mayer, 2000).


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