Socio political and economic environment

Socio political and economic environment

Better understanding of our collective culture and shared humanity helps us become better stewards of a global future by;

Being committed to serve as global citizens because our understanding of the diverse cultures and being members of the human race it is our responsibility to ensure that we work towards development goals collectively. This helps in ensuring that we continue to exist in harmony with a stronger basis for sustainability.

We live in a highly interconnected world and a technology development over the years has continued to improve this connectivity. Currently people from across the global are able to communicate freely with reduced barriers (Lynn University, 2010). Our diverse cultures have been seen to improve our ideas on how to deal with difficult situations. Some of these ideas in fields such as medicine and engineering have helped in the creation of development opportunities for the entire world being fostered by the interaction of the diverse cultures throughout the global (Lynn University, 2010).

We should continue sharing the knowledge from our diverse cultures through learning from one another. This helps in changing our ordinary thought process and instead pushes us towards thinking ‘outside the box’. We should continue searching for similarities and embracing the positive differences in the different cultures that we come into contact with to foster global development (The American Forum, 2003).

People should also consider stepping out of their own cultures to notice the traits that they exhibit when within the culture. By doing this one will be able to evaluate their own personal interpretation of their culture. The individual should also seek the help of another from a different culture to evaluate these traits. It is through this that we will acknowledge the positive traits which will then be enforced and through this we will be able to secure a stable global future. The need for doing this arises from the fact that all of us are born in a particular culture (Cultural Awareness, n.d). We learn by experience and we pass this knowledge to the next generation. We conduct ourselves within our cultures mostly in an unconscious state because we do things the way we found them being done without really questioning the motives or ideas behind the actions (Cultural Awareness, n.d).

In working environments it is necessary to conduct culture workshops to help the people understand each other’s backgrounds, preferences and dislikes (Doris, 2010). This is because the world today has changed and people travel and work in different areas thus to make people comfortable in new environments it’s important to develop the necessary knowledge base concerning the different cultural backgrounds involved. This will help ensure productivity not only in the work environment but also in the open environments. People will be willing to work together and also learn how to relate with different opinions (Doris, 2010).

The international bodies such as the United Nations should ensure that people from different regions are able to understand the dynamics involved in the diverse cultures of the world (Akanbi, 2002). Governments which are the administration level of countries should endeavor in developing better and more cordial relationship with other governments. Nations should be able to interact with each other through deeper understanding of the different culture (Akanbi, 2002).

In conclusion, no culture should be looked down upon as inferior neither should any culture be deemed superior if at all we are to secure a stable common future. It is because of such discriminations that people are unable to work together to attain a more superior collective goal.


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