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Response to Peer Post

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Response to Peer Post

After reading your post, I noted that you did not clarify the specific aspect of risk assessment that you had overlooked in your initial risk assessment. Even so, the post stimulated me to review the website just to see what you might have garnered concerning risk assessment techniques and templates. I found wonderful insights on this website on how to go about risk assessment. I also noted that the website provides links to other risk assessment resources on hazards. I should thank you because I have these new learnings courtesy of your post. Another element of your post that I find worth commenting on is the use of the HAZWOP method for hazard analysis. In my learning, I have encountered an approach to hazard analysis called HAZWOPER. I just wonder if the concepts in your mentioned method are similar to those in HAZWOPER. Perhaps you can clarify that. Otherwise, thank you for your thoughts.

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