This is for pharmacology.

This is for pharmacology.

1. Explain when you would use the Z-Track method of injection. Explain how you would administer an injection using the Z-Track method.

2. As a nurse, you will see patients displaying Extrapyramidal Symptoms. Explain Extrapyramidal symptoms.

Mr. Smith is given azithromycin 500 mg for one dose and then azithromycin 250 mg daily for the next 5 days and ceftriaxone 1 g IV twice daily. After beginning the IV administration of ceftriaxone Mr. Smith’s heart rate increases to 110 bpm, his blood pressure is 90/60 mm Hg, and he complains of difficulty breathing and itching. The nurse notices Mr. Smith has urticaria and angioedema and is sweating profusely

3. Explain the nursing actions you would take in order of priority.


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