State and describe how you feel the RN can implement your peer’s actions in a patient-centered manner. Explain your evaluation and reasoning.

State and describe how you feel the RN can implement your peer’s actions in a patient-centered manner. Explain your evaluation and reasoning.


Catalano states ” In the past, health care services were primarily illness or institution based and focused primarily on treating the ill or injured. The emphasis is now shifting slowly toward prevention and health promotion in the population.” I believe this is where the community nursing comes into play. If we can focus more on the preventative care and health promotion by providing education out in the community, then we would have less illness and unhealthy people.

Hinkle defines community based nursing as a philosophy of care in which the care is provided as patients and their families move among various service providers outside of hospitals. The nurse must be knowledgeable about community resources because people will be referred to providers within the community. Nurses who practice in the community must also be self-directed, flexible, adaptable, be culturally competent, and accepting of various lifestyles and living conditions. In an acute care setting you work along side with a team of health care providers and are held accountable for providing health care using best practices (Hinkle & Cheever, 2014)

These nurses come to community health nursing expecting to use the same set of skills and knowledge base used in their acute-care practice; however, the skill levels and concepts required for community health nursing are a bit different from the acute care or hospital setting. Nurses in the community setting should have theoretical and experiential components that focus on assessment skills (of the community and individual), decision making, case management, health systems management, teaching, and leadership (Kenyon, 1990).

Community health centers involve a team approach involving physicians, nurse practitioners, and community nurses who all work together to provide health services (Catalano, 2015). The challenge that I think of first is the RN’spersonal safety, which has stopped me from thinking about doing community nursing. Being a single mother and how many dangers in there are today, it makes me very cautious. Community nurses need to pay attention to their safety due to unknown environments. It was discussed that agencies should investigate at-high risk working environments prior to making the assignments but it in turn falls in hands. Community nurses can do several things to help with safety. These would include let the agency known your daily schedule and telephone numbers of your patients so that you can be located, do not drive an expensive care or wear expensive jewelry, schedule visits during daylight hours, if your visit is in a high crime area bring another person with you, and if a patient or family member is hostile then you leave and reschedule the visit (Hinkle & Cheever, 2014


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