Read the case study and answer the following questions

Read the case study and answer the following questions

1. Describe Amy’s entrepreneurial style. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Amy’s style? How does her style impact an expansion decision?

2. Identify Amy’s mission and key goals and objectives for the company

3. What internal strengths and weaknesses exist? What are the external opportunities and threats facing Amy’s Bread?

4. Who are Amy’s customers? Should Amy concentrate on just retail or wholesale business?

5. What would you do if you were Amy? Some options include:

  • expand,
  • stay put,
  • expand with wholesale only,
  • expand with retail only,
  • expand with wholesale and retail,
  • two locations or one.

CASE 14 AMYS BREAD Amy glanced at the clock and moaned. It was 3:30 a.m., time to get up and head to her Manhattan bakery, b

CASE 14 AMYS BREAD 537 potential customers, collecting from slow-paying clients her mother was a gourmet cook with a family

worked, she simultaneously developed recipes and busi- ness plans. Amy dreamed that someday soon she would be working for her

538 PART 6 CASES product and for creating a good place to work. I did not conscientious, think on their feet, and interact we

to a Now Hiring sign in the bakerys window. bread was sold by noon! Assistant manager, Toy Kim Dupree, described reasons

CASE 14 AMYS BREAD 539 customers want bread every day. On weekends and holi- loaves specifically for retail customers. She e

ested customers. Her location was really not the best for retail traffic. Retail business would simply be a side- Competitors

540 PART 6 CASES Bread Company, Panere, La Madeleine, and the origi- lease and equipment rental expenses. Amy was very nal,

but they are looking for convenient locations and products, and olive oil. Prices for those products are prompt service, too.

CASE 14 AMYS BREAD 541 emphasized, Whenever someone calls for an interview, consumed countless hours to carefully modify re
New York bread bakeries. The best thing to happen to Future Opportunities Fut Ninth Avenue say admirers of this charming b

542 PART 6 CASES for her business plan. Unlike her 1992 application for a cash flows to help decide the best course of action

plumbing, or interior walls. Amy would need to make all the leasehold improvements, but she could also choose how things were


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