Introduction to ecological sustainability

Your objective for this project is to do an Internet-based literature search and describe in detail, the methods/processes used by GE to design and develop green products, sustainable production processes, and implement its eco-friendly supply chain.


In 1500 -2500 words, your report should address the following topics:


  1. Introduction to ecological sustainability
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability objectives of GE
  3. Green Product Design at GE

3a.            Describe the general guidelines for designing an environmentally friendly product;

3b.            Product design system/methodology used at GE;

3c.             provide some examples of GE’s successful green product designs.

  1. Eco-friendly production/manufacturing processes used at GE

4a.             Describe the guidelines used by GE to make their operations/production processes eco-friendly;

4b.            Give examples of some of the successful green manufacturing processes used at GE.

  1. Green Supply Chain Management at GE related to

5a.              Suppliers

5b.             Transportation & Distribution

  1. Conclusion

6a.              Discuss how successful GE has been in achieving its environmental sustainability goals. Provide some supporting statistics.

6b.             Describe some of the challenges GE is facing in implementing its sustainability programs in some of the developing countries.

This is a team/group project. The group size is limited to a maximum of three (3) students. Your report should be 1500 – 2500 words (excluding quoted and bibliographic material) long, typewritten, and professional looking. It should be in the APA format and should be written by you in your own words. The “Turnitin” Similarity Index (SI) of your report should be less than 15%.


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