How does the law guide the nurse in this situation?

At change of shift, a nurse who is working days in a nursing home is told by the night nurse, “Mr. Jones is always tied in a vest restraint at night, just to make sure he doesn’t get out of bed and fall, but he’s really upset. He just doesn’t understand it’s for his own good.” The nurse quickly reviews Mr. Jones’s record. He is noted to be a competent, compliant adult, without a psychiatric history or evidence of mental disorientation. He takes no medications that would alter his mentation. When the nurse enters the room, Mr. Jones is weeping. He states, “I feel like a criminal being tied up. I’ve urinated in my bed because no one answered my call light. I’m so humiliated.”
A. What is the relation between Mr. Jones’ right to self-determination in this case and the need to protect patients from harm?
B. How does the law guide the nurse in this situation?
C. Are there criminal liability issues related to restraining this patient?
D. What criminal charges could be leveled against the nurse for applying the restraint?
E. Could the nurse be sued for restraining Mr. Jones in this case?


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