Determine the predictors of health promoting lifestyles

Article Summary


Determine the predictors of health promoting lifestyles

Focuses on pregnant women based on the Pender’s model (Bahabadi et al., 2020)

Addresses possible problems during the pregnancy

Findings reveal predictors of health-promoting lifestyles

Model adoptive in informing health decisions (Bahabadi et al., 2020).

Proper nutrition, prenatal care & good work rest schedule.



The article’s objective is to determine the predictors of health promoting lifestyles in pregnant women based on the Pender’s health promotion model constructs (Bahabadi et al., 2020). The authors focused on addressing possible problems during the pregnancy critical period which is associated with risk of obesity and diabetes, preterm delivery and undertaking caesarean section. Findings revealed that key predictors of health-promoting lifestyles in pregnant women include the constructs of the Pender’s health promotion model such as perceived benefits, social support and perceived barriers (Bahabadi et al., 2020).

The article was conclusive in revealing that Pender’s model can be adopted in nursing to inform on decisions regarding health-promoting behaviors while caring for pregnant women. Notably, the health promotion lifestyle behaviors identified to be beneficial to pregnant women include proper nutrition, prenatal care & good work rest schedule.


Pender’s View of Patient and Environment


Individual primarily addressed by Pender’s model

Unique characteristics and experiences influence actions

Health behaviors learned from family or community (Butts & Rich, 2017).


Includes physical interpersonal and economic factors

Toxic substances, access to resources affect quality

Socioeconomic factors influence a person’s health

The slide provides insights regarding the view of Pender’s model with regard to patients and environment. The person is primary focus of the model where every individual is described as having unique characteristics as well as experiences that play a key role in the actions of the individual. Individuals acquire health behaviors from their interactions with family members and members of the community. Notably, Pender’s model views the environment as comprising the physical, interpersonal and economic factors that have a significant influence on the individual’s health(Butts & Rich, 2017). The quality of an environment is described based on the presence of factors such as toxic substance, and access to resources that are needed for a healthy living. Socioeconomic factors such as employment status, and poverty have a significant influence on an individual’s health


Pender’s View of Health & Environment


Health is positive and high-level state

An individual’s definition of health matters


Focuses on promoting health behavior

Major function APN role is health promotion (Butts & Rich, 2017).

Serves as guide for APN role

According to the health promotion model, a person’s definition of health for themselves is of more importance compared to any other definition of health(Butts & Rich, 2017). Health is generally describes as a positive and high-level state. The role on nursing in this model majoring focuses on health promotion behaviors. APN’s major role is health promotion through raising the patient’s awareness on health promotion behaviors and helping them to control their environment to support positive behavioral change. The model is crucial as a guide for the APN role in encouraging health promotion behavior and addressing the associated change.



Bahabadi, F. J., Estebsari, F., Rohani, C., Kandi, Z. R. K., Sefidkar, R., & Mostafaei, D. (2020). Predictors of health-promoting lifestyle in pregnant women based on Pender’s health promotion model. International journal of women’s health, 12, 71.

Butts, J., & Rich, K. (2017). Philosophies and theories for advanced nursing practice (3rd ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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