The Jewish Author of World Perfect. 3- The 6 ostensibly Universal Values that Judaism (the Mosheic faith of Yisrael) contributed to world civilization.


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1- ____________________________________________________________The Christian Author of A History of the Jews. 2- ____________________________________________________________The Jewish Author of World Perfect. 3- The 6 ostensibly Universal Values that Judaism (the Mosheic faith of Yisrael) contributed to world civilization.

(God-HaShem revealed these values to the whole world via the Yisraelite people who recorded them in the Tanakh-Bible; these virtues were then promulgated around the globe by Jewish people & Christian missionaries):

a- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ b- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ c- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ d- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ e- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ f- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 4- The 3 Ancient Reasons for Infanticide: a- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ b- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ c- ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 5- In cultures which practiced widespread infanticide, __________________________ were considered valuable &

__________________________ were considered disposable. 6- Aristotle: Every maimed or imperfect newborn child should be ___________________________. 7- ____________________________ The people who practiced the most human sacrifice (for theological reasons). 8- ____________________________ The people who had the worst motivation for human sacrifice (for human entertainment). 9- The 3 traditional ancient reasons for war: a- ____________________________________________________________________________________________ b- ____________________________________________________________________________________________ c- ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 10- The ancient Golden Rule: Whoever has the ________________, makes the rules. 11- The great Roman Empire was _________% illiterate.



12- Hellenic-Greek (& Nipponese Samurai) philosophers & rulers promoted _____________________________ among the ranks

of the military. 13- Palladas: Marriage gives a man only 2 happy days, the day he takes his bride to _____________________________

& the day he lays her in her _____________________________.

14- Propertius: I wish that all my enemies would fall in love with _________________

& that all my friends would fall in love with __________________.

15- Suetonius: Julius Ceasar was every woman’s ________________ & every man’s ___________________. 16- Genghis Khan: greatest happiness is to ________________ your enemies & to rape their ________________ & ____________________. 17- The Talmud: To save 1 life is tantamount to saving the whole _____________________________. 18- Jewish kings had to copy & carry a copy of the Torah to remind themselves that there is a ________________________ of

kings. 19- The 3 Qualifications for Membership in the Yisraelite Sanhedrin: a- ____________________________________________________________________________________________ b- ____________________________________________________________________________________________ c- ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 20- The 11th Commandment of Judaism: Thou shalt go to ____________________________. 21- Rambam/Maimonides: _____________________ or _____________________ any Jewish city that doesn’t have schools for

children. 22- Jewish men are obligated to mate with their wives; to do otherwise is a ground for ____________________. 23- Denis Prager: The Jewish-inspired boundaries/limitations on sexual activity (that is, monogamous heterosexual

marriage) made the development/advancement of ______________________________ civilization possible. 24- Leviticus-Vaykhra 19:16b: Do not stand by your neighbor’s __________________. In other words, don’t stand still &

allow someone else to ______________________. In more words, you must actively do _____________________. 25- Leviticus-Vaykhra 19:18: The Greatest Commandment: Love your ________________ as you _____________ yourself. 26- Thomas Huxley: The Bible is the Magna Carta of the _____________________ & ________________________. 27- The single, greatest Jewish contribution to the world: Ethical _____________________________.

28- This consists of 1 __________________ & 1 Standard of __________________________ for everyone, instead of Polytheism

in which different, competing deities often demand contradictory things from the same believer. 29- God’s expectation for the Chosen People: the responsibility to _____________________ the world (tikkun olam). 30- God calls the Chosen People to be: a ______________________ to the nations (Yeshayahu-Isaiah 42:6b; 49:6b).



JEWISH THEOLOGY *There is only one God who works on earth through historical events & who has chosen the Yisraelites to be his human Agents. *Rebbi Mosheh ben Maimon/Maimonides/Rambam’s 13 Main Points of Jewish Theology: *God (HaShem) Exists. *There is only 1 God (HaShem). *God (HaShem) is a Spirit & has no Body. *God (HaShem) is Eternal. *God (HaShem) is the only Person who should be Worshipped. *God (HaShem) has Revealed God’s self through the Prophets/Neviyim. *Mosheh is the Principal Prophet of God (HaShem). *God’s (HaShem’s) Law/Torah was Given by God (HaShem) to the Yisraelites via Mosheh on Mount Sinai. *God’s (HaShem’s) Law/Torah is Immutable. *God (HaShem) knows what People will do in Advance. *Good will be Rewarded & Evil will be Punished Eventually by God (HaShem). *God’s (HaShem’s) Mashiakh/Messiah/Anointed One will Come Eventually. *God (HaShem) will Raise the Righteous People from the Netherworld/Sheol. *TANAKH – 3 Parts: Torah, Neviyim, Khetuvim *Why so much Jealousy & Hatred? *Christ Killer Theology – Deicide *Supersessionism – the Christian Covenant (New Testament) Replaces the Yisraelite Covenant (Old

Testament) *Us versus Them Theology – Scriptures written during Era of Christian Expulsion from Beitot Knessot *Wealth – Banking/Usury in Medieval Europe to Launch Capitalism *Health – Biblical/Levitical Hygiene during Bubonic Plagues/Black Death *Education – Mandatory Literacy via the Bar Mitzvah tradition & now Bat Mitzvah *World Perfect (Rabbi Ken Spiro) inspired by (Paul Johnson)

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