Writing a paper on global climate effects on sea level rise

BI305 Final_Paper_Rubric_bi305.doc Each student will pick a topic relating to environmental biology to research.  You can pick one of the suggested topics, or pick your own topic  (but if you do the latter you need to check that topic with me first to make sure it is acceptable before you start work on it).  Picking early is recommended as no two students can choose the same topic.  You will then write a 6-10  page typed, double-spaced paper on your chosen topic.  That paper must cite a minimum of THREE peer reviewed sources, as well as other REPUTABLE, high quality resources.   Font MUST be Calibri or Times Roman, no smaller than 10, no larger than 12.  Margins may not be less than 1 “ top, bottom, left and right.

NOTE:  Due to problems in previous classes, ABSOLUTELY NO DIRECT QUOTATIONS may be used in your term paper, EVEN IF APPROPRIATELY CITED.  Your essay is expected to consist ENTIRELY of your own words.  When the IDEAS behind those words are derived from a specific paper (i.e. you are paraphrasing from a specific source), those ideas should be cited appropriately.

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