What’s the best response to this scen using the 10-step decision making process?, health and medical assignment help

Using the ten-step decision-making process put forth in Cottrell et al (2015) chapter 5, write your response (no less than 500 words) to the following scenario. Include in your response a paragraph for each of the ten components. Your ten paragraphs should state your course of action. 


You have been hired to work for the city health department to complete a project that was begun by your predecessor and funded with money from the National Institute of Health (NIH). The grant requires the health department to develop six programs on the topic of hepatitis and then to present these programs to 500 people representing very specific priority groups in the community.

After being hired, you discover that the administrator of the grant, your supervisor, has not adhered to the grant guidelines. Only half the numbers of programs have been developed as the grant required. Further, the number of presentations is less than required, and presentations have been given to people not in the identified priority groups. In addition, your supervisor has taken some of the travel funds allocated to pay for your travel to and from presentations and has diverted them into his personal travel fund to attend a national conference in Las Vegas.

It is now time for you to develop your year-end report, which will be sent directly to NIH. Your supervisor has provided you with a copy of the original grant proposal and says to make sure your figures agree with those in the proposal. In other words, he expects you to “fudge” the data. What will you do?

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