Voyage of the beagle 3 page essay(Evolution)

PLEASE USE THE SOURCE BELOW TO WITH A 3 PAGE ESSAY. You can access Darwin’s entire Journal of Research of the Voyage of the Beagle at In a 3page paper reflect on what you learned from these case studies on the Voyage of the Beagle. Although typically much emphasis is placed on the importance of the Galapagos in Darwin’s thinking, in this paper instead concentrate on the significance of the other places in the development of Darwin’s ideas. Each of the case studies has provided you with some questions to guide your discussion. This paper should reflect a synthesis of those ideas. However, if one or two particular case studies (other than the Galapagos) struck you as particularly important you may write your paper just on those places. But you then must develop your idea in more depth and explain why you think this particular place was so important. PLEASS USE PROOER CITATIONS

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