Volcano and date of historic eruption, question help

  1. Volcano and date of historic eruption
  2. Location (include a map)
  3. Type of volcano (shield, composite, cinder cone)
  4. Is it active, dormant, or extinct?
  5. Tectonic environment (subduction zone, divergent boundary, intraplate hot spot, etc.)
  6. VEI
  7. Associated hazards (lahars, tsunamis, ash flows, etc.)
  8. Fatalities
  9. Impacts (local, regional, & global)

a. Examples (these are ideas and NOT a complete list)

  1. -Atmospheric and climate impacts: a qualitative estimate of sulfur content, an estimate of its influence on global and regional temperatures
  2. Ecological impacts
  3. Local, regional, global economy
  4. Changes in public policy
  5. Effects on human health

J. Interesting facts

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