Varsity Blues Educational Sports Film Sociological Theories Assignment

Watch a sports film (Hoop Dreams, Varsity Blues, A League of Their Own, Blue Chips, Remember the Titans, Radio, Hoosiers, Rocky, We Are Marshall, etc.) and answer the following writing prompts.

1. What three sociological theories learned in class was portrayed in the movie? Explain in detail, i.e., discuss the theory and scenes in the movie. Make sure to back up theories with scholarly work, movie scenes, and your own thoughts.

2. Can you relate personally to the theories you are discussing; if not, do some research (Google) and provide a non-personal example.

3. Provide a reflection on the movie. What did you like or did not like about the movie? Could the scenes have been portrayed better? Etc.

Papers must be at least 5 pages in length. In-text citations must be used, a reference list must be included, and both must be in APA format.

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