the major plate driving forces, geology homework help

1.) Describe the origins of the major plate driving forces.

2.) How does paleomagnetism demonstrate that continents have moved in the course of time?

3.) Describe two methods for measuring plate motion. How does the angle of subduction relate to the rate of plate movement?

4.) Explain how continental rifting begins. Describe the sedimentary environments associated with this process.

5.) Why do deep-focus earthquakes occur along subduction zones?

6.) How does the burial of dead plant material affect atmospheric CO2 and O2?

7.) What do carbon and oxygen stable isotope studies tell us about the past?

8.) Describe one positive feedback and one negative feedback process that influence global warming.

9.) How do glaciers promote chemical weathering? What controls the ratio of Mg to Ca in the oceans? How does this affect the mineralogy of limestones?

10.) Explain how a geologist might distinguish an orogen added to the continent primarily by accretion from one added primarily by stabilization.

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