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Read the Case Study about “Mr. G.” in Chapter 11 (pgs. 284-285 ) of your Bonder & Dal Bello-Haas textbook. The chapter is about addressing the self-care needs of older adults. After reviewing the material in the textbook chapter, the articles by Green (2015) and Lance et al. (2014) about driver rehabilitation, as well as the case study: Answer each of the following instructor questions in a few informative sentences (with no need to bring in support from sources other than the textbook):

1. How does the family’s understanding of the situation and the recovery process influence Mr. G.’s potential for functional improvement? What client situation in your professional experience can be compared to this case, and in what way? For the case from your own experience, how did the family’s understanding impact your client’s outcomes?

2. What assessment tools could be used to assess Mr. G.’s skills in self-care, and why would these tools be advantageous?

3. How would you incorporate Mr. G.’s leisure interests into your OT intervention?

4. As an OTR, how could you best collaborate with a COTA for the delivery of OT services to Mr. G?

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