The Digestive System, health and medicine homework help

1. Are we as a nation, healthier today than 100 years ago? Why or why not? please give some specific examples to explain.

2. Brief Discussion “Nutrients”

3. Brief Discussion “Availability”

4. Do advertising, promotions, price, and coupons play any role in what you feed your family? What are some reasons why you would bring fast food home rather than cooking at home? Is it more cost effective to cook at home or purchase fast or processed food?

5. How are ingredients listed on food labels? what information do nutritional labels contain that you can use to make educational choices on your diet? Please copy and paste a nutrition facts panel and the ingredients list of one of your favorite food or drink items as an example to explain.

6. Brief Discussion “The Digestive System”

7. Brief Discussion “Food Allergy”

min. 70 words each.

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